Photo by Collin Orcutt

Turns out the NBA lifestyle isn’t all parties and beautiful women. Pro basketball player Jeremy Lin gave Greatist all the details on how he stays in tip top shape on and off the court. When it comes to training, Lin sticks to functional workouts— always with a basket ball in hand— which he says is more effective than hopping on a cardio machine. In the weight room, Lin focuses on high-rep lifting, building the stamina to play all-out all season.

As for diet, Lin has three goals: to eat 205 grams of protein, eight servings of veggies, and 5 bottles of water. Daily. (Anyone else having Michael Phelps flashbacks?) That means five eggs every AM and two protein shakes per day, plus lean meat and salad to fill the protein and veggie gaps in between.

The Takeaway: To work out like a baller, focus on functional exercises that engage muscles you use daily (whether they help you ball out on the court or climb stairs and carry around that monstrous purse).

Are You a Greatist?

We want to know, what makes you a Greatist. Check out photographer Justin Singh’s video for inspiration.

Fun Fact:

Lin (and the rest of us) can thank Dr. James Naismith of the YMCA for inventing basketball back in the 1890s.