Congratulations to John Chan with the winning advice!

“The difference between sanity and insanity is a break.”

John Chan received this great piece of advice from Ruth Kennedy, an admirable midwifery teacher with a vibrant reputation in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. As a family friend, Ruth shared her advice over a leisurely lunch at her house after inquiring about John’s busy work schedule and new haircut, which he obviously gave himself (he’s no Paul Mitchell after all). After suggesting that a friend could “fix” his attempt at a haircut, John replied, “That’s OK, the difference between a good haircut and a bad one is only two weeks.” Elegantly as ever, Ruth raised her china teacup and replied, “Ah my dear, the difference between sanity and insanity is a break.”

As self-proclaimed workaholics, Greatist members appreciate the value of a mental breather. So take a note from John and follow Ruth’s amazing tip. Everyone could use a break every so often!