If you find yourself typing “I HATE MY JOB” into Gchats day after day, most experts would say you should look for a new gig. But finding a new job can be tough, and finding one that’s fun and pays the bills can be even tougher. Thankfully, psychologists have studied a concept called job crafting, which essentially means turning the job you have into the job you love by reframing the way you think.

Sound confusing? Start with these three tips:

  1. Rethink the things you do: If your day-to-day tasks are soul crushing and mundane, see if you can take on new responsibilities that get you excited about work. We know, who wants to add more to their plate? But hear us out: Your new task could be a creative project or something extracurricular, like teaching a yoga class once per week.
  2. Rethink the people you work with: Focusing on deeper relationships with your coworkers or getting to know people outside your department can make work a lot more fun. No set happy hour? Organize one!
  3. Rethink the way you think about your work: It sounds difficult, but changing how you think and talk about your job can make a world of difference. Rather than making blanket statements about hating work, get more specific: “I really don’t like all the politics in the office, but the people in my department are pretty cool.” A positive attitude goes a long way.

(h/t Hidden Brain)