If you have people in your life who are hard to shop for, this list is for you. And if you don’t have any difficult-to-please loved ones (which, congrats, I want your life and would like to be friends with you), this list is still for you, because it’s filled with things everyone will want, even if they don’t know it yet.

1. iWalk Phone Charger

This is an ultra-lightweight, portable phone charger that has built-in cables for both Android and iPhone, which means it’s ideal for people who regularly need to charge multiple devices (like their phone and an e-book) or who have a partner on a different platform. It doesn’t hold a ton of charge—only about 1.5x—but it’s so lightweight, it’ll become a permanent (and lifesaving) addition to your giftee’s bag. ($45; amazon.com)

2. GreenPan 5-Piece Lima Bronze Nonstick Anniversary Set

Sponsored by GreenPanPeople always need to eat, which means they always need stuff to cook with. But if you’re going to gift someone cookware, don’t choose any ol’ pots and pans. This limited-edition set from GreenPan not only looks top-shelf (bronze finish and stainless steel handles for the win!), but it also has a plastic- and chemical-free, ceramic, nonstick coating. The toxin-free pans conduct heat better so you can cook food faster at lower temps. Get it now for a steal—that’s two pans, a lid, a spatula, and a cookbook for just $60! ($60; amazon.com)

3. Hyggelight

Named after hygge (the Danish concept of coziness, pronounced “hoo-gah”), this little candle will remind them that it’s possible to not only get through the winter but also to genuinely enjoy the hunkering-down opportunities. In the spirit of making lemonade from a season we tend to think of as a total lemon, this candle comes with seed paper, so once they’ve finished burning it, they can plant wildflowers in the pretty base. Eco-friendly and super cute! ($25; thegrowingcandle.com)

4. McCrea’s Caramels

Whatever your recipient’s tastes, there will be a winner in here. McCrea’s mix includes flavors as wide ranging and interesting as rosemary truffle sea salt, tapped maple, and single-malt scotch. ($19; amazon.com)

5. Bose Soundsport Wireless Headphones

These lightweight sports headphones are actually noise cancelling and have excellent sound quality, making them a great gift for folks who are really into fitness… or anyone who just wants to stroll around unencumbered while listening to Sawbones. ($149; amazon.com)

6. Pendleton Horizon Stripe Horizontal Throw

First-shearing lambswool is about as cozy as cozy gets, so this blanket is basically the gift of snuggliness. Though everyone wants to be warm in the winter, this is especially good for someone who’s a little homesick or simply needs an extra dose of comfort this year.($129; pendleton.com)

7. Airbnb Gift Card

If you’re shopping for someone who insists they already have “enough stuff,” this is the ticket: You’re giving them an opportunity to grow closer with a friend or partner instead of something to toss in the back of a closet. ($25-200; amazon.com)

8. Bonavita Kettle

Yes, the person you’re shopping for undoubtedly has a kettle, but this one is a definite upgrade to whatever kinda-corroded, wiggly handled old thing they’ve been using. The gooseneck spout provides better control, and the exact-temperature setting means your recipient will never overheat green tea again (yes, it’s a total thing, and it absolutely changes the flavor—trust). ($82; amazon.com)

9. Sur la Table Cheese Paddle

A marble-and-wood cheese board is simple and pretty, goes with everyone’s decor, and makes hosting incredibly simple. Throw a couple of cheeses, a handful of nuts, and a dollop of honey on here, and you’re in business. A foolproof gift for both just-starting-out entertainers and seasoned with-the-mostesses.($30; surlatable.com)

10. Echo Show

It’s an Amazon Echo you can see! The gadget is ideal for visually oriented people who didn’t really get the whole Echo thing—or home cooks who want to watch recipe videos without getting avocado oil all over the screen. It’s a primo gift (with the accompanying price tag) for basically any and everyone. ($230; amazon.com)

11. Smati Birdcage Umbrella

This umbrella is the T: It pretty much never blows open, and it goes down over you in a little protective bubble, so nobody can poke you in the eye and you can’t poke anyone else in the eye, which makes rainy days so much more calm. While you could buy your giftee the classic clear style, you can also opt for patterns, including one featuring two tiny, excited Boston terriers who just want to walk home with them. ($23; amazon.com)

12. Away Bigger Carry-On

Yes, the entire internet has been touting the glory of these suitcases for a while now, but there’s a reason for that: They’re genuinely excellent. A suitcase that charges your phone might seem silly, but it’s actually really helpful, especially on longer journeys—and besides, these things are perfect in like a million other small ways, like the quality hidden laundry bag and spinny wheels. ($245; awaytravel.com)

13. Tushy Bidet Attachment

OK, a bidet may seem like a weird gift, but honestly, using a piece of paper to wipe your tush is an old-timey, Wild Wild West, not-at-all-effective. Imagine how fresh you would be if you could take a shower every time you went. Oh wait, that’s what this is. Give someone a bidet, and you are giving them the gift of a perpetually clean butt. Life changing. ($69; hellotushy.com)

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