After duking it out in the boxing ring and firing through some heart-pumping yoga flow, The Greatist Team decided to switch things up for this week’s Gractivity and do what we do best: eat.

On Sunday, we headed over to The International Restaurant and Foodservice Show of New York. This three-day affair in Manhattan is targeted at the food service industry, giving individuals a chance to check out culinary demos, innovative products, or, if you’re us, just some delicious food.

After picking up our coveted press passes (no big deal), we entered a maze packed with hungry people. (Note: If you do not like crowds, we suggest you continue reading and simply skip next year’s event.) Unsure of where to start, we headed left and began over in Japan, filling our curious stomachs with miso soup, sushi rolls, and sake.

Once we meandered our way through Asia, we discovered The Healthy Solutions Pavilion, new feature to the show (‘bout time!). Collaborating with Kitchens With Confidence, a dietary restriction restaurant service, the pavilion showcased health professionals who talked about nutrition and special diets, new health trends, and the appearance of healthier choices on restaurant menus. While listening, we sampled fresh fish and poultry, teas and coffee, carrot-ginger-pear juice, and some hip quinoa veggie patties — rightfully named “edgy burgers.”

Unfortunately, for every raw juice bar, there were about five gelato stands, and cannolis and fried foods wildly outnumbered the lean meats and fresh veggies. But being fit, healthy, and happy includes a cheat day every so often, so we enjoyed a great variety of treats guilt-free, including chocolate truffles, duck confit, strawberry gelato, and steak and ale soup. A well-balanced meal, if you ask me.

The show is continuing for two more days, so there’s still time to check out what’s up and coming in the restaurant world. Definitely swing by the Healthy Solutions Pavilion and show support for restaurants embracing healthy choices on their menus!

Special thanks to Laura Blagys for extending the invitation to Greatist, and for all the talented chefs letting us sample some awesome food!

Photo by Jordan Shakeshaft