When the phrases “health benefits” and “alcohol consumption” appear in the same sentence, red wine usually takes center stage. But a new study suggests we may want to pass on the carafe— and go with the draft instead.

According to an analysis of studies by researchers at Italy’s Fondazione di Ricerca e Cura, consuming moderate amounts of beer reduced the drinkers’ risk of heart disease by 31 percent. Still, before we make a bee line for the pub, remember these studies were based on self reports, which can sometimes lead to biased results.

Scientists have suggested a glass of red wine every day could help protect the heart, and now studies are showing beer can do the sameGrapes, wines, resveratrol, and heart health. Bertelli, A.A., Das, D.K. Institute of Human Anatomy, University of Milan, Italy. Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology, 2009 Dec; 54(6):468-76.. Researchers are now wondering: What about wine and beer is causing the health hoorah? The main thing beer and wine have in common is, well, alcohol, and yet previous studies have assumed the benefits of wine come from the resveratrol in grapes.

Scientists have yet to figure out whether alcohol is the reason behind beer and wine’s nearly identical health benefits. Moderate drinking is also linked to an higher amount of regular exercise, so perhaps working out is another factor in the benefits. Until research reveals more, let the lagers and ales pride themselves in sharing the pedestal with their beverage rivals— we can cheers to that.