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Caution: This video may not be safe for work. (Though the theme music definitely is.)

Breast cancer awareness is all about of saving boobs, right? While the men who produced this video may be doing this all in the name of “boobies,” raising money for breast cancer is more about saving lives than breasts. Sure, going around asking to motorboat strangers is an interesting (or strange?) way of raising money for breast cancer. It might even be downright rude and disgusting. Maybe a light-hearted campaign like this one actually hurts the overall message of breast cancer awareness month (encouraging women to get checked and stay healthy). But thanks to 104 women having the courage to let one of these men stick his face in between her lovely lady lumps and rub it all round, there’s another $2,028 going towards breast cancer research. We still haven’t decided if this is gross, or brilliant, or whether or not these guys have the right intentions (after all, they do run a website devoted to picking up women…). But regardless, they’ve now raised at least $5,481 (the initial $2,080 plus $100 for every 100,000 views the youtube video receives this month) — and that’s something to be excited about.

We salute all the ladies featured in this video for being comfortable enough with yourselves to let a stranger touch your boobies — all to raise an additional $20 towards saving another lady (or gent’s) life.

Want to contribute to the cause, but not so stoked about this particular campaign? Here are eight more ways to show your support.