At Greatist, we love coffee just as much for its numerous health benefits as it’s more offbeat uses. But our obsession with all things coffee doesn’t end there, and we’ve even taken to using our supply of coffee filters to help out around the house (and kitchen, and garden).

  • Make Greek yogurt at home. Store-bought Greek yogurt can be pricey, but it’s easy to make a cheaper version of this protein-packed superfood by straining regular yogurt overnight. Line a colander or strainer with a coffee filter, place in a bowl, fill with regular yogurt, and let sit in the fridge overnight. Voila! Fresh Greek yogurt for breakfast.

Photo by Aleksandra Flora

  • Easy soup seasonings. Tired of fishing bay leaves out of the soup pot? Put all those inedible flavorings (bay leaves, woody herb stems, etc.) in a coffee filter, tie with string, and stick in soup while cooking for quick and easy removal later.
  • Eliminate gym bag and shoe odors. The semi-permeable filters are perfect for holding odor-absorbing baking powder. Place a few tablespoons of baking powder in a paper filter and twist the top together with a rubber band. Place the packages in shoes, a gym bag, closet, refrigerator, or anywhere else that may have developed some stinky stench to absorb the less-than-pleasant odors.
  • Do-it-yourself tea bags. Want to try a new brew? Make homemade tea bags by filling coffee filters with a personal selection of loose tea leaves and dried fruit peels for some unique flavors. Tie together with string and use just like normal tea bags.
  • Use as a handy gym wipe. These lightweight paper filters also make great face wipes at the gym or in the great outdoors. Take a few along with wipe off oils and sweat when the intensity kicks up.