In this episode of the Greatist Podcast we chat with John “Roman” Romaniello, co-author of the New York Times bestseller Engineering the Alpha, now one of the best-known books on high fat diets, intermittent fasting, and hormone manipulation.

He’s also a brilliantly successful trainer and self-marketer who has amassed a substantial following on Facebook and Twitter with his self-effacing humor, tremendous geekiness (he has a Lord of the Rings quote tattooed on his chest), and frank views on sex, masculinity, and everything health and fitness. He has particular expertise in improving fat loss by naturally manipulating hormones, and advocates for “simple, but not easy” changes to lifestyle and training methods that increase testosterone, insulin sensitivity, and growth hormone. Have a listen!


  • How the health industry has changed over the last ten years (1:30)
  • The main reason John practices intermittent fasting (4:00)
  • How saturated fat came to be unfairly demonized, and why it’s healthy (5:10)
  • How John built a successful brand around his name (8:30)
  • Who he looks to for inspiration (13:15)
  • Why men today have such low testosterone levels, and why that’s bad (apologies to the beer industry!) (16:30)
  • How to increase testosterone (22:30)
  • John’s next writing project (27:45)
  • Why women can also benefit from increased tesosterone (29:10)
  • What it’s like to train entrepreneurs, millionaires, and celebrities (30:00)
  • John’s plans to write fiction, philosophy, and a children’s book (36:05)


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