If you have a vagina, you know the glory of the female orgasm. But did you know you can have more than one climax per sesh? That’s great news, because the only thing better than an orgasm is multiple orgasms.

How many times can I actually come?

In theory, the O limit doesn’t exist. Some people can have a dozen orgasms in a single session. Others may only have one or two.

So the answer for how many times you can come in 24 hours really depends on the stamina of you and your partner in that time period.

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But keep in mind, it’s about quality over quantity. Even if you aren’t able to achieve multiple orgasms every time you get it on, you can still have a sensational experience.

Here are the deets on stacking and multiplying your orgasms.

Multiple orgasms are pretty common. One small study showed that a third of participating people reported having multiple orgasms. But keep in mind, everyone is different. Maybe achieving one orgasm is good enough for ya. But hey, doubling your money may be worth a shot!

In the immediate aftermath of an orgasm, your brain sends out a rush of neurotransmitters to help your body stabilize. After you come, your vagina goes through something called a refractory period (AKA the resolution stage).

This is the period of time time between climax and when you get horny again. Once the refractory period is over, it’s a lot easier to come again.

Refractory periods vary a lot from person to person. But on average, people with vaginas need less time to climax again than those with penises. The female resolution stage usually lasts a few minutes. For some lucky people, it only lasts for a few seconds. Refractory periods tend to get longer as you get older.

Multiple orgasms are separated by a few minutes or more. Each of them is spaced out and unique. These are different from stacked orgasms.

You know what’s better than one pancake? A stack of pancakes. When you have continuous orgasms that just come and come like a series of waves, that’s a stacked orgasm. These are more difficult to achieve, but they’re totally worth the effort.

Multiple orgasms can take some time and practice. Here are some techniques to take your pleasure potential to the next level.

Gettin’ edgy with it

The edge method is when you stop what you’re doing right before you come. Wait a few minutes every time you almost reach the pleasure peak. This will give your body a chance to reset and simmer down. Repeat this cycle until you can’t take it anymore. You’ll explode in the best way possible.

Body exploration

According to pop culture, women are expected to come the instant they’re penetrated or stimulated. But if you have a vagina, you know this usually isn’t the case. Most need to stimulate their clit to climax. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore other erogenous zones.

While you’re building up the pleasure, you can do other activities that turn you on. Flick your nipples, caress your thighs, and very gently rub your clit. Anal play can also lead to bangin’ internal orgasms.

Why control is important

Orgasm control can lead to multiple and stronger orgasms. It also helps increase your stamina so you can achieve better orgasms over time.

Just remember, the more you build up the sensations, the more sensitive your nerve endings become. Even a light clit massage can send you over the edge.

I think I can, I think I can

Do you remember when everyone was talking about The Secret? That’s the philosophy of manifesting something you want into existence by thinking about it a lot. When it comes to coming, this can work. If you tell yourself, “I’m going to come and it’s going to be fantastic,” you’re more likely to achieve an orgasm.

This mindset can also be super empowering. When you clearly lay out how you wanna get laid, you’re definitely in for a killer experience, even if you’re playing solo.

Jizzing. Tsunami of love. Making her rain. No matter what you call it, there’s a lot of misconceptions about female ejaculation. While squirting doesn’t feel like an orgasm, a lot of vagina owners love it. It’s a powerful release and it’ll save quite a bit of money on lube.

If you want to squirt — and come as much as possible — here are some things you can do.

Kegels, fam

This is when you squeeze your pelvic muscles. Just contract your muscles for about 20 seconds multiple times a day. This will increase your vagina’s strength and sensitivity while helping you hone your ejaculation skills.

A powerful pelvic floor can also shorten your refractory period. In addition to sexy benefits, kegel strength can help control your pee. Woot-woot.

You may want to invest in some kegel balls. Not only will they help you strengthen your muscles, some of them also double as vibrators. Score.

Avoid flickin’ the bean

The longer you abstain from masturbation or sex, the easier it’ll be to come once you finally go for it. With this increased sensitivity, you can come more easily and multiply your orgasms. It can also help you build up more sexual tension which can help you squirt.

The time spent in sexual self-isolation can vary from person to person. Sometimes, a few days will do the trick. For others, it takes longer.

If you wanna give multiples a go, just remember, it’s about feeling good and having fun. If you start stressing out when you aren’t coming fast enough, you’ll just psych yourself out. With that in mind, try this out:

  1. Have your first orgasm. Rather than stopping, don’t give your clit time to take a break.
  2. Start stimulating yourself again. You may want to vary the technique to spice it up a bit. Don’t stop until you feel yourself starting to edge closer to another O.
  3. Each time you come, try to keep yourself aroused. The trick to stacking is to let the good times roll. It should be a wave of continuous orgasms.

Heck no. In fact, having multiple orgasms or ejaculating can be terrific for your mental health.

Just keep in mind, if you rub aggressively, you can annoy your clit. You can also get sore from penetration after a lengthy trip to pound town. You can use lube to prevent this from happening. Friction isn’t a vagina’s BFF.

Multiple climax sessions are the bomb. But not everyone can stack orgasms. And ya know what? That’s okay. Just listen to your body and don’t be afraid to try something new.

In the end, it’s about maximizing your pleasure and releasing stress. Even if you don’t reach the Himalayas every time, masturbation and sex can still be a helluva good time.