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You’re pretty fit, right? You sleep a full eight hours a night, sport all-powerful biceps, and chug kale-packed protein shakes every morning. But will you get a flu shot this year?

Sanofi Pasteur — the largest company in the world devoted to vaccines against 20 different infectious diseases — created “The FLUgitives,” a national campaign to fight the spread of influenza. They’re cracking down on FLUgitives, the people who haven’t yet been vaccinated against the virus this season.

Meet the FLUgitives:

The Scaredy Cat
The Turbo Mom
The Latest and Greatest Guy
The Fitness Fanatic

As a company devoted to health and wellness, we couldn’t help but laugh at the “Fitness Fanatic.” Though the gym rat thinks he’s got it going on with his fitness-induced high immunity, he has the potential to spread the flu virus by opting out of vaccination.

In addition to videos targeting each FLUgitive, Sanofi Pasteur created a Facebook page with flu prevention tips and myths. There’s also a pretty goofy app called FLUify, which allows users to make their pictures totally sick. But actually… we’re talkin’ full on runny nose, puffy eyes, and illness-themed accessories including a teddy bear and chicken noodle soup.

Though the series of FLUgitives videos are highly promotional for the Fluzone vaccine, they make an important point: Vaccination against the flu may affect more than just the person getting the shot.

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