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Yoga is all about connecting your breath to movement. But if you’re new to the practice, it’s pretty freakin’ hard to make the connection when you’re not even sure where your navel is. To help, try this 35-minute beginner yoga flow, which will help you build body awareness.

This workout has nothing to do with crazy poses (whew!). It’s all about simply starting to feel your body and gaining the mobility to help you connect with each pose. It’s tempting to want to fast-forward to a handstand or dancer pose, but it’s all about taking small steps to get there. This class is the key to developing flexibility and awareness to grow in your practice. All you need for this is two blocks and a bolster or a blanket if you have one. Hit play to get started.

To recap: You’ll need two blocks and a bolster or blanket if you have one. This class is 35 minutes.