Welcome to the future. Your trainer can provide instant feedback on your form without even having to look at you. You can attend immersive, live fitness classes without leaving your house. You’ve got real-time biometric data delivered straight to your eyeballs for the duration of your workout.

Wait, did we say the future? Scratch that. It’s actually the Tempo Studio, and it’s here in the present (and makes one hell of a present 🎁).

At its most basic, the Tempo Studio is a fitness mirror with streaming classes. But it offers a lot more than that. The Tempo can completely replace your home gym and serve as the GPS of your fitness journey.

Paging Dr. Strange, because we want one, like, yesterday.

The Tempo Studio can totally replace your home gym, and it all starts with the mirror — the center of the Tempo universe (and by mirror, we mean reflective touch-screen display). It’s mounted on a free-standing frame that also includes storage for your weights, and it’s loaded with 3-D sensors that allow it to wirelessly track your biometrics and offer immediate form feedback.

The Tempo Studio comes in three versions. Here are the deets:

  • Tempo Starter. The most basic (without being *basic*), the Tempo Starter comes with the Tempo Studio fitness mirror, 75 pounds (lbs.) (34 kg) of weight plates (with built-in storage in the mirror frame), 4 collars, 2 dumbbells, and a workout mat.
  • Tempo Plus. The Plus contains everything in the Tempo Starter plus another 75 lbs. (34 kg) of weight plates, a heart rate monitor, a roller, a barbell, and a folding weight bench.
  • Tempo Pro. The Tempo Pro is literally a home gym. It contains everything in the Starter and the Plus, along with another 80 lbs. (36 kg) of weight plates, a squat rack, and a kettlebell system. We won’t say we’re in love, but…

The mirror and the 6-ft (183-cm) frame it’s built into are super sturdy, weighing in at 100 lbs. (45 kg). It boasts a 42-inch (in.) (107-cm) touch screen with built-in speakers and Bluetooth connectivity.

If you’re tight on space, you’re gonna wanna stick to the minimal Tempo Starter — it takes up a 6- by 8-ft (183- by 244-cm) space when you’re getting your workout on. The Tempo Plus and the Tempo Pro command a little more space, needing a 6- by 10-ft (183- by 305-cm) space.

Here are some more of the details:

  • Workout mat dimensions: 60 in. (152 cm) by 26 in. (66 cm)
  • Folding bench weight capacity: 400 lbs. (181 kg)
  • Squat rack weight capacity: 400 lbs. (181 kg)

Here’s what you can expect to pay in total for the Tempo Studio, whether you pay in full or finance the purchase:

  • Tempo Starter: $2,495 ($69/month)
  • Tempo Plus: $3,245 ($90/month)
  • Tempo Pro: $3,995 ($111/month)

If you qualify, you can finance the Tempo with zero interest and no down payment for 36 months through Affirm.

Standard shipping is an extra $250 on top of the purchase price, but it includes “white glove” delivery and installation (pinkies up!). So, kick back and enjoy a marg (or some pre-workout… Are pre-workout margs a thing? They should be) while the Tempo team handles all the pre-workout details and cleans up all the packaging.

You can try out the Tempo for a full 30 days, and if it’s not a great fit you can return the whole system for a full refund. However, unless you’re returning it due to a manufacturer’s defect, you’ll have to pay a $250 to $350 packing and shipping fee.

And here’s whatcha need to know about the Tempo’s warranty:

  • Cabinet: 3 years
  • Interactive display: 12 months
  • Bench: 12 months
  • Squat rack: 12 months
  • Weight plate holder: 12 months
  • Kettlebell: 12 months
  • Heart rate monitor: 12 months
  • Barbells: 3 years
  • Collars: 3 years
  • Weights: 3 years
  • Labor and installation: 12 months

To use the Tempo Studio to its fullest capacity (and to use the display at all), you need to purchase a Tempo membership, which offers a variety of on-demand and live classes for all fitness levels.

Currently, the selection includes strength, cardio, HIIT, mobility, recovery, and boxing — and yoga is in the works!

The Tempo membership costs $39 per month (but covers your entire household), and for your first year you’re committed to membership. After that year, you can pay on a month-to-month basis and end your membership at any time.

Unfortunately, though, ending your membership would just leave you with a really fancy mirror.

The Tempo is a good fit for you if:

  • You’ve got the money to spend on it. Even the Tempo Starter is a pretty significant financial commitment, and after paying off the equipment itself, you’ll still need to be able to pay for the ongoing Tempo membership to continue using your mirror to its full potential.
  • You’re a homebody when it comes to working out. If you’re not the type to hit the gym but still want the gym-quality equipment and the class experience, the Tempo is a shoo-in.
  • You’ve got plenty of space. When in use, even the Tempo Starter needs a decent chunk of space — 6 ft (183 cm) by 8 ft (244 cm). That can be a little tight for small living spaces, so if you don’t have a lot of space, you may want to look for a more compact alternative.
  • You’re all about metrics, feedback, and tech. While the Tempo may be a little much for some, it’s ~simply the best~ for biohackers, techies, and fitness buffs. Instant feedback, form correction, continuous heart rate monitoring… oh, my!

The Tempo is a fitness mirror (and a whole experience). Through the magic of science, it can wirelessly track your heart rate and offer immediate feedback on your form. If you’re new to fitness mirrors (or slowly trying to build up your home gym), try the Tempo Starter, but for a fully *temped*-out home gym, spring for the Tempo Pro.