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Thanks to the new influx of on-demand video-streaming platforms, the future of fitness is here — and by “here,” we mean in your living room, bedroom, hotel suite, or wherever your super-busy (or remote) life takes you.

To jump-start 2022 with your safety and fitness goals in mind, check out the top fitness streaming programs you can do right at home.

We tested and researched hundreds before narrowing this list down to the 17 that are really worth checking out. Each platform is unique, so read on to learn which sweat-inducing investment best aligns with your goals.

17 best streaming fitness platforms and programs

  1. Best overall: Peloton Digital
  2. Best for new yogis: Alo Moves
  3. Best yoga for strength training: CorePower Yoga On Demand
  4. Best overall barre workout: Pure Barre On Demand
  5. Best for simulating in-person personal training: Daily Burn
  6. Best for advanced barre workouts: Physique 57 On Demand
  7. Best for new exercisers: Fit Body with Anna Victoria
  8. Best for those *without* a budget: Mirror
  9. Best overall for yoga: Glo
  10. Best for dancers with limited time: AKT On Demand
  11. Best for dance-cardio: Obé Fitness
  12. Best for stretching and mobility work: ROMWOD
  13. Best for those on a budget: NeoU
  14. Best for burning fat and toning muscle: DanceBody
  15. Best for working parents: FitOn
  16. Best value: FitFusion
  17. Best for variety: JetSweat
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1. Best overall streaming fitness service

Peloton Digital

Price: $39 per month

Available: Peloton App or device

Behold the only piece of tech that got more love than vibrators after stay-home orders were implemented: Peloton. In addition to its impressive stationary bike and new treadmill, Peloton offers a streaming service that allows you to get flexy with yoga classes or swole with strength training sessions.

NYC residents will be head-over-handlebars to know that Peloton has IRL studios there. But people who don’t live in the 917 will be happy to hear that one of those locations is a flagship where they hook up cameras and stream classes to literally anywhere.

Yep, in addition to thousands of prerecorded classes — complete with killer playlists and motivational instructors — you have access to more than 190 live-streamed boutique classes per week. The best part? You can view each class’s plan before it starts, so you can mentally prepare to push.

2. Best streaming fitness service for new yogis

Alo Moves

Price: $20 per month

Available: iOS or Android

You might recognize Alo as the brand responsible for the strappy-backed bras and seamless leggings repped by basically all the Insta-famous yogis in your feed. But did you know they’re also part of the digital fitness space? Yep!

Alo Moves offers app- and computer-based video classes with names like Flow Motion, Remedy, Float Like a Firefly, and Strong Yoga for Beginners to help you tune in to your practice. The best part: They add nearly 100 new classes each month, so you’ll never get bored.

Athleisure lovers, beware: The instructors’ getups might send you straight to their online store post-Savasana.

3. Best streaming fitness service for yoga for strength training workouts:

CorePower Yoga On Demand

Price: $19.99

Available: CorePower Yoga app, Apple, Android, Amazon Fire, Roku, Apple TV, or Android TV

CorePower yoga, the yoga chain known for its killer free-weight strength flows, now has an online, on-demand platform with 300+ classes in a variety of lengths, styles, and levels. You can move, sweat, and ommm wherever and whenever.

This all-levels-friendly video service provides signature classes, shortened flows, and pose breakdowns. Bonus: You can sync content for offline viewing, which makes airport, hotel, and middle-of-nowhere flows seriously simple.

4. Best streaming fitness service for overall barre workout

Pure Barre On Demand

Price: $30 per month

Available: XPlus

When you think of barre, you probably think of ballerinas — not your living room, bedroom, or basement floor. But with Pure Barre On Demand, all you need is a little bit of space, a chair, and some form of weight (a water bottle will suffice) to plié your way to a stronger body.

If you’ve never tried barre before, heads-up: This isn’t your traditional strength training class. The movements are done in increments, so don’t be surprised if you hear “down an inch, up an inch” from your instructor and through the speaker. Don’t let that turn you off — we promise you’ll feel the burn.

5. Best streaming fitness service for simulating in-person personal training

Daily Burn

Price: $19.99 per month

Available: iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, or Chromecast

Daily Burn is the OG of fitness streaming. With more than 1,000 workouts of all types (including Pilates, yoga, mobility, HIIT, and weightlifting), you can log in and get moving.

Or, if you answer a few questions about your fitness goals, DB (as we affectionately call it) will provide a legitimate plan to help you get there. Yep, it’s basically your video-based personal trainer.

6. Best streaming fitness service for advanced barre workouts

Physique 57 On Demand

Price: $25 per month

Available: Android, iOS, or online

Offering the option to create custom move mashups, Physique 57 On Demand is for the picky, short-on-time, or advanced barre enthusiast.

First, you’ll browse workouts and choose targeted ones based on your goals (think: bigger glutes, stronger core, tighter tris). Then, before you get movin’ and groovin’ ballerina-style, you’ll structure your video playlist based on your personal style, daily schedule, and workout preferences. Ah, the power of choice.

7. Best streaming fitness service for new exercisers

Fit Body with Anna Victoria

Price: $19.99 per month

Available: iOS or Android

If you’ve ever walked into the weights section at the gym and thought “WTF am I supposed to do now?”, then Anna Victoria, Instagram fitness phenom and founder of Fit Body Guides, is here to help.

Targeting women who want to up their strength training game, Body Love offers prerecorded workouts that combine HIIT with strength workouts and are only 30 to 45 minutes long.

And if you want a dose of nutrition advice with your fitness inspo, be sure to check out the platform’s custom calorie meal plans or macro counter.

8. Best streaming fitness service for those *without* a budget


Price: $1,195 to $1,395 one-time fee, then $39 monthly subscription

Available: iOS or Android

Want a home gym without actually having clunky equipment in your home? Thanks to Mirror, you can. This interactive gym looks like a regular ol’ mirror thanks to its reflective surface, and you can get face-to-face interaction with trainers who are there to lead you through cardio, strength, yoga, boxing, or barre workouts.

Here’s how it works: First, you get the device (it’s not cheap), then you hang it up (like a mirror… get it?). Finally, you switch it on for an at-home workout. What sets Mirror apart is that you can both see the trainer and see and form-check yourself. Plus, in live-streamed classes, the trainer can see you (!!!) and offer feedback and encouragement.

9. Best streaming fitness service overall for yoga


Price: $24 per month

Available: iOS or Android

If you’d list “yogi” on your Tinder bio or your friends would describe you as “Zenned out,” Glo is the online yoga and meditation service for you. At $24 a month, it’s cheaper than one yoga class at most studios.

You can get classes as short as 5 minutes (yoga every damn day has never been easier) or as long as 120 minutes. But the best part is that members have access to lectures and workshops by top yoga scholars — yogis never quit learning.

10. Best streaming fitness service for dancers with limited time

AKT On Demand

Price: $30 per month

Available: XPlus

Why sweat solo when you can sweat with celeb trainers? With her on-demand, stream-anywhere platform, Anna Kaiser’s AKT has given her super-popular dance-meets-fitness workout a digital home. Here you’ll find high energy follow-along videos that range from 10 to 90 minutes.

Don’t worry — even the most painfully uncoordinated dancers can handle the strength-building choreography.

11. Best streaming fitness service for dance-cardio workouts

Obé Fitness

Price: $27 per month

Available: Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, or Chromecast

Pronounced “obey,” “Obé” is actually an acronym for “Our Body Electric” — and considering the neon backdrop and workouts with roots in dance-cardio and acrobatics, the name is fitting.

The workouts, which are meant to appeal to both exercisers who got after it in the ’80s and nostalgic millennials, range from cardio to toning to restorative stretching. There are 20 hours of live-streamed classes a day and more than 700 on-demand classes to choose from.

The only thing you need is a smartphone or computer. Onesies and leg warmers are optional.

12. Best streaming fitness service for stretching and mobility work


Price: $13.95 per month

Available: iOS, Android, or online

“Mobility” has become a buzzword in CrossFit because — let’s face it — you can’t be as stiff as a teenage boy in the morning and expect to nail a squat snatch. That’s why everyone from the recreational CrossFitter to the Games Athlete is ponying up for ROMWOD (the “ROM” refers to range of motion and the “WOD” is CrossFit-speak for “workout of the day”).

The platform offers more than 1,400 equipment-free videos that last anywhere from 10 to 90 minutes, and a new video gets added each day.

13. Best streaming fitness service for those on a budget


Price: $7.99 per month

Available: iOS, Android, Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, or Xbox

If you’ve been wanting to take a HIIT, yoga, boot camp, boxing, dance-cardio, or mobility class with the fitness influencers you already follow on Instagram, NeoU gives you that opportunity online. All classes are recorded in NeoU’s flagship studio in NYC and then streamed via your phone, computer, or tablet.

In addition to class type, you can sort by class length, difficulty level, and equipment used. And in fitness-star fashion, the instructor energy is top-notch.

14. Best streaming fitness service for burning fat and toning muscle


Price: $34.99 per month

Available: iOS or Android

Why wait for the weekend to bust a move when you can shake it in your living room any time? DanceBody, the music-meets-moves boutique based in NYC and Miami, is offering its five signature classes — Full Out, Sculpt, Dance and Sculpt, and Hip-Hop Hits — online.

15. Best streaming fitness program for working parents


Price: $20 per month

Available: iOS or Android

Calling all parents and boss babes: FitOn wants you to know that having kids and a full-time job doesn’t have to mean game over for your fitness routine. Here, you’ll get anytime-anywhere, equipment-free, world-class-trainer-led, mega-social workouts (including cardio, strength, dance, HIIT, Pilates, and more) — all through an app.

And yep, there’s a video series specifically for people who have recently given birth. All workouts are 20 to 30 minutes long, and you can invite and talk with your friends via audio chats.

16. Best value streaming fitness program


Price: $9.99 per month

Available: iOS, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire, or Chromecast

Who wouldn’t want Jillian Michaels in their living room? Thanks to FitFusion, Michaels’s streaming platform, you can get moving alongside the celebrity trainer in more than 300 workout videos (and counting). There are also guest appearances from stars like Tara Stiles, Cassey Ho, and the Tone It Up Girls.

And check it out: Even though she’s the biggest celebrity trainer we’ve named, this platform is one of the cheapest on our list.

17. Best streaming fitness program for variety


Price: $19.99 per month

Available: iOS, Roku, or online

If you’re more loyal to your fitness studio than Kanye is to Kanye (read: very), you’ll love JetSweat. Here, sweat fanatics get exclusive access to recorded classes from famed NYC studios like Bari, Sky Ting Yoga, Xtend Barre, Solace, Switch Playground, and ModelFit.

The beauty of boutique fitness is that it allows you to bop around, but it’s also pricey. So, for one-third of the price of one IRL class, JetSweat gives you unlimited monthly access to high quality trainers and routines. New content is added each week, so it’ll never get stale.

If the last 2 years have taught us anything, it’s that you don’t need access to a gym to meet your fitness goals. Getting fit from home is not only safe but can also be FUN — at least with the help of the aforementioned fitness streaming platforms.

So, whether you’re staying out of the gym for health reasons or you just don’t have time to commute every week like you used to, give one of these streaming services a whirl.

Gabrielle Kassel (she/her) is a queer sex educator and wellness journalist who is committed to helping people feel the best they can in their bodies. In addition to Healthline, her work has appeared in publications such as Shape, Cosmopolitan, Well+Good, Health, Self, Women’s Health, Greatist, and more! In her free time, Gabrielle can be found coaching CrossFit, reviewing pleasure products, hiking with her border collie, or recording episodes of the podcast she co-hosts called Bad In Bed. Follow her on Instagram @Gabriellekassel.