What is it about deseeding a pomegranate that feels like a puzzle game à la Bejeweled? (Gotta release all those little gems!) Despite trying various techniques—the segmenting method, the spoon beating method, the Martha method—we’d inevitably end up with a low score. Read: Seeds crushed or left behind. Or worse: Pomegranates flying across the room—game over.

Fears and previous failures aside, we decided to master the art of extraction. Our mission: Test every known method for digging out pomegranate seeds so we could save you the trouble.

Without a doubt, this is the ultimate combo move for yielding a new high score—and plenty of juicy seeds too.

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Step 1

Score the fruit around the midline. Cut deep enough to pierce the skin, but shallow enough that you don’t cut into the seeds inside.

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Step 2

Pull apart the two halves. (Put your thumbs into the cuts and yank the pomegranate open, if need be.)

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Step 3

Submerge the two halves in a bowl of water and gently push the edges down and away to open the fruit. The water will soften the pith (the white tissue under the skin of the fruit).

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Step 4

Turn the half upside down and thwack the bejeezus out of it with the back of a spoon. Seeds will tumble out into your hand and the bowl of water below.

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Step 5

Inspect your handiwork. Look at the pomegranate half and release any stragglers with your hands or another whack of the spoon.

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Step 6

Seeds will sink to the bottom. Scoop any floating pith out of the water with a slotted spoon or sieve.

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Step 7

Drain the water. Now you have pomegranate seeds, ready to eat!