Oats can be a friend to basically any food item. Fruit, spices, nuts, meats, sweet, savory, breakfast, lunch, dinner — you name it, there’s a good chance it’ll feel right at home in a big ole breakfast bowl of oaty wonder.

Factor in that they’re easy as heck (and healthy AF) to make and you’re going to wonder why you don’t use them every morning.

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These overnight oats recipes double down on convenience so you don’t have to do anything in the morning besides falling out of bed, throwing on a sweater, and revving yourself up for the day.

Who’s ready for fruit and oats, that unbeatable combo?

1. Spiced pear and walnut overnight oats

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Photo: Lemons And Zest

Depending on how strapped for time you are, this recipe can range from “sweet Lord, thank you for accepting me into the promised land” to “I’m definitely still on Earth, but this is delicious.”

If you’ve got time, you can bake the pears in maple first. If not, simply mix everything together and enjoy it hold or cold the next morning. Either way, this’ll take you no more than 15 minutes, tops.

2. Cranberry pecan overnight oats

There’s enough options on here to sate a sweet tooth — it’s time to get a little tart.

Cranberries provide an interesting take on sweetness if you’re not after a bland breakfast but feel like branching out from maple syrup and honey.

Pecans and chia seeds bring the protein. Otherwise, it’s oaty goodness as usual with yogurt, almond milk, and unsweetened dried coconut.

3. Baked apple overnight oats

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Photo: The Healthy Toast

Apple picking season is here (and we love apples, so someone’s gotta pick ’em). Prep for it with a baked apple breakfast — one that involves very little in the way of prep.

There’s not much sugar in this recipe, but if you really need it (totally not projecting) the creator recommends maple syrup, and we’re gonna second that.

Nut butter makes the oats extra creamy — just try to resist taking it out of the fridge until morning (we dare ya).

And all things nice, too, we guess.

4. Maple, brown sugar, and cinnamon overnight oats

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Take a classic oatmeal flavor on the go by making it the night before and putting it in a mason jar. Yeah, trendy and useful — people have been sleeping on your drip for too long.

It’s a delicious, gluten-free alternative to sugary granola bars if that’s all you find yourself having time for most mornings (like many of us).

Using actual cinnamon sticks is optional, but, man, does it look good. This recipe even offers some alternatives for maple syrup haters (no judgment, it really isn’t the same as pancake syrup) and people with nut allergies.

5. Vanilla chai overnight oats

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Photo: The Roasted Root

It’s like Starbucks in a jar of oats. Hurrahbucks!

Unfortunately, there isn’t any actual caffeine in this recipe, but it looks so good we think it’ll make up for that. With spices like cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom, this is a deeply satisfying, warming, and toasty way to wake up.

The recipe creator even recommends cutting open a real vanilla bean and using full-fat coconut milk to get that authentic chai taste.

6. Gingerbread overnight oats

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Photo: Kath Eats Real Food

Not the gumdrop buttons! 😱😱😱

It’s not Christmas yet, but it can’t hurt to prepare (plus gingerbread is great to eat year-round). Any gingerbread people reading this, we apologize, but you are just too delicious.

This recipe calls for yogurt and a sweetener of your choice, as well as chia seeds and a bit o’ salt. The chia adds a nice serving of fiber and protein so you can feel even better than you already do in the morning.

7. Pumpkin pie overnight oats

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Photo: A Sweet Pea Chef

Have you tossed all your shorts and tank tops out the window yet? If not, you might after tasting the pumpkin pie flavor in these oats. (Watch out for passers-by down below.)

This recipe is a little more involved (in that you make your own pumpkin puree — sorry). But once that’s done, you can enjoy a healthy, dessert-like breakfast in just a few minutes.

8. Butternut squash overnight oats

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Photo: Viki_Balance

Soup, curry, oats, risotto — is there anything the humble, phallic butternut squash can’t do?

Heat a chunk in the microwave for around 5 minutes until it’s soft. Then, mash it up and combine it with vanilla extract, yogurt, fruit, and honey.

This is quick, easy, and delicious. And that’s what breakfast is all about.

9. Sweet potato pie overnight oats

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Photo: Minimalist Baker

Last but ABSOLUTELY not least, the unsung hero, sweet potato, makes an appearance, sweeping the audience off their feet with an unexpected cameo.

(Okay, maybe not, but it’s still autumnal and delicious.)

It’s no secret that sweet ‘taters are filled with nutrients and taste great, so honestly it was about time they showed up for breakfast (they’re already a sleeper dessert superstar).

This recipe calls for baking your sweet potatoes, so it takes a bit longer than everything else on this list. But it’s so worth it.

Aside from getting to put your exemplary sweater collection to good use, fall is notable for its hearty, earthy flavors.

And you don’t need to head out on a pumpkin spice rampage (and pay for the expensive coffee shop variations) either — you can make cinnamon-ginger, wintry breakfast goodness with nothing more than oatmeal and a few different ingredients.

If you’re more into savory breakfasts than sweet, oatmeal doesn’t stop at fruit or pies-in-a-jar. Here are some oatmeal recipes to… savor.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.