By now you probably know we love the healthyish lifestyle. Well, this is one of those “ish” instances. We admit it: We drink alcohol. We’re not saying we do it every day, but when we do, we like to reach for some lighter options (the lighter it is the more you can guzzle, right? JK).

We’ve rounded up some off our favorite summer drinks that will fuel your poolside parties and your boat rides but keep you from going overboard (see what we did there?). Before you head out this weekend, drink your green smoothie, then pack one (or all) of these in your cooler. Cheers!

1. FitVine

These fitness-minded wines go through malolactic fermentation and dry fermentation without residual sugars. Translation for us normal people: Less sugar equals fewer calories and, FitVine claims, fewer hangovers. For summer, try a chilled bottle of the line’s new pinot grigio, which promises “green apple and a hint of citrus,” when you’re hosting dinner. And when you hit the beach, make sure you bring FitZii, a canned rosé infused with cucumber and raspberry. It’s the cutest can ever.(Starting at $15.99;

2. Truly Spiked and Sparkling

Why drink sparkling water when you can drink spiked sparkling water? The alcohol content in these fizzy beverages comes from fermented cane sugar and a tiny bit of fruit. They come in citrus-forward flavors such as Colima lime and Sicilian blood orange—and there’s even a canned version, which is ideal for drinking responsibly by the pool or at the beach.(Starting at $8.99;

3. White Claw

You’ve heard of hard cider, now meet hard seltzer. Also made with fermented sugars (in a process the company calls “BrewPureTM”), these 110-calorie, gluten-free, low-carb cans come in flavors such as black cherry, natural lime, and ruby grapefruit.(Starting at $8.99;

4. SpikedSeltzer

At 6 percent ABV, this line is one of the most alcoholic of the bunch. The site says that its spiked seltzers are made with “simple ingredients,” and the bottles each have an inspirational quote or idiom under the caps—you can even submit your own and see if it shows up on a cap.($15.99 for variety pack;

5. Nauti

We’re all for a good pun, and this play on “nautical” and “naughty” definitely translates to “summer” for us. The bubbly, seltzer-based malt beverage comes in easy-to-transport cans in flavors such as cranberry, raspberry, and blueberry lemonade. (Note: The drinks do contain gluten, although a gluten-free version is in the works *insert praise hands emoji*.)(Starting at $7.49;