When it comes to healthy changes, we’re all for small, healthyish steps toward your goals instead of major overhauls that won’t last. After all, there are always ways to make what you’re consuming a tad healthier, even when it comes to booze. Which is why when it comes to cutting back on alcohol, kombucha has been something of a godsend.

Kombucha is a great stand-in for the beer or glass of wine you might have at the end of a long day (guilty), but it also works well in cocktails. Swap out the booze for kombucha, and you’ll still get a slight buzz while adding healthy probiotics to your system. ‘Booch can also be added to drinks like sangria or punch for a burst of flavor while cutting down on the amount of alcohol needed in the drink.

Next time you head to the kitchen to pour yourself a drink, try one of these kombucha swaps. They’ll have you clearing space in your fridge for more fermented tea in no time.

1. Kombucha Moscow Mule

After you try this, you may never want to order a regular Moscow Mule again. OK, that might be dramatic, but ginger kombucha tastes like it was made for Moscow Mules. And with way less sugar per serving than typical ginger beer, the swap definitely makes us feel better about having this drink as a nightcap.

2. Ginger Raspberry Kombucha Cocktail

These bright red drinks would be perfect for so many occasions—Fourth of July, Christmas, or a Wednesday night at home when you wanna feel a little fancy. They’re made with a fresh-fruit raspberry syrup, gin, and ginger kombucha, plus mint and more berries for garnish.

3. Kombucha Lime Margaritas

If you’ve ever bought margarita mix, it’s time to throw it out. Not only are the premade mixes usually packed with sugar, they just don’t taste as good as a fresh margarita. Swear. This kombucha version is just the right amount of bubbly and uses lime juice and honey to get that perfect tart but sweet marg taste.

4. Ginger Peach Kombucha Sangria

Sangria is usually more of a party drink, but who says you can’t make a batch for girls’ night in instead? This recipe uses a bottle of white wine, ginger kombucha, peach schnapps, strawberries, peaches, and mint. The kombucha cuts some of the sweetness and gives it a nice little fizz.

5. Sparkling Cranberry Kombucha Mocktails

If you’re giving up alcohol cold turkey or just need something festive to sip on during a night you don’t want to drink, these cranberry mocktails will keep you from feeling like you missed out. Ginger, cranberries, and rosemary give you all the festive holiday flair you need, minus any chance of a hangover the next day.

6. Blueberry Kombucha Mojito

Mojito fans, these taste so close to the real thing you almost won’t notice the difference. Instead of rum, the drinks use kombucha mixed with blueberries, sugar, water, mint, and lime wedges. You can make your own kombucha or buy an original bottle; either method works.

7. Kombucha Dark and Stormy

Did we mention we love simple recipes? All you need are two liquids and some mint for garnish to make this drink taste like a classic Dark and Stormy. A spicy ginger Kombucha works great as a stand-in for ginger beer; mix it with dark rum and a splash of lime juice to round out the drink.