Blue or red, left or right, there’s one thing American voters agree on: food. The American public cares just as much about their BBQ chicken pizzas and juicy burgers as they do the national debt. And the real partisan issue is clear—chewy or crunchy chocolate chip cookies? The fate of the country is in your hands, America. Regardless of what the candidates may say, Election Day is November 8: Vote, vote, VOTE, and eat.

1. Turkey Chili

Chili is one of those dishes that always makes people happy. Probably because there are as many different ways to make it (white! vegetarian! verde!) as there are people. The classic American chili is a tomato-based stew with beans and beef, but we’ve highlighted a better-for-you turkey version that’s sure to annoy someone at the table.

2. Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

Whether you’re on team chewy or crunchy, most Americans can agree on a love of chocolate chip cookies. While this cookie is crowd-pleasingly vegan, your friends who reserve their right to gorge on butter and sugar won’t know the difference.

3. BBQ Chicken Flatbread Pizza

If there’s one thing Americans really succeed at, it’s taking classic dishes from other cultures and… altering them to please the American palate. Exhibit A: BBQ chicken pizza. Chicken with barbecue sauce tastes good, and pizza tastes good, so why not combine the two?! Why not indeed, America. If a slice wasn’t so tasty, we might actually be really mad.

4. Mushroom and Beef Burger

No one will notice the swap, but once you tell a table of Americans that these burgers are, in fact, half mushroom, someone’s bound to, ahem, have a cow. We encourage everyone to loudly explain why they—and only they—have the correct opinion on the issue, because isn’t that what Americans do best?

5. Cauliflower Mac and Cheese

Soothe your election-frazzled nerves with a warm bowl of mac and cheese. Cut through the gooey cheese and pasta of classic macs by throwing in chopped cauliflower. There may be a vegetable in the pasta, but a panko bread crumb topping is still necessary.

6. Paleo Pot Roast

For the ultimate slow-cooked American comfort food, look no further than pot roast. Fake fact: 45 percent of American children were introduced to politics by their parents at the dinner table while eating pot roast. But seriously, plug in your slow cooker and get ready for the most cozy of meat meals.

7. Apple Pie

“As American as apple pie” is a phrase for a reason. This version may have less sugar and butter than other recipes, but we bet no one will notice; they’ll be too busy going in for seconds.