Burritos don’t need to be carb bombs or stuffed with refried fillings to hit the spot. From eclectic tortilla substitutes to nondairy cheese, the healthy variations on the classic dish are endless. Check out these 9 recipes that take burritos beyond the basics.

1. Steak and Quinoa Burrito Bowl
Photo: The Girls on Bloor

No tortilla here, but this burrito bowl still stays true to its Latin American roots by subbing in quinoa as a base. Top with steak and veggies, and you’ve taken care of your protein for the day.

Photo: B Britnell

If you’re looking for a burrito base that’s heftier than lettuce but lighter on carbs than rice or quinoa, use spaghetti squash. Not only is it a great way to get in extra produce, it’s also the actual “bowl” for the beans and veggies—yay for minimal cleanup!

Photo: Strictly Delicious

The flavor combo of chicken, bacon, sweet potato, and quinoa already sounds pretty delicious. Spoon the mix into mason jars, and it becomes even more appetizing.

Photo: Noshtastic

Turn fish tacos inside out by serving up perfectly charred tilapia along with all the fixin's in a bowl. This way, you can enjoy as much of the filling as you’d like without being limited to what tortillas or shells can hold.

Photo: Ambitious Kitchen

The addition of scrambled egg whites makes these super high-fiber, meat-free wraps perfect for breakfast. Make a bunch of them at once; they freeze perfectly!

Photo: Life's Ambrosia

Even if you don’t have time to make the garlic rice, don’t overlook this recipe; the other ingredients, from the spiced shrimp and hearty roasted poblano peppers to the garlicky cream sauce, provide plenty of flavor.

Photo: Hapa Nom

Instead of using individual toppings, this recipe calls for pureeing them into a dressing to drizzle onto the quinoa mixture. That way, you get some of that creamy, herb-kissed avocado flavor in each bite.

Photo: Sweet C's Designs

While most burritos use black beans, this one switches up its legume game by going for the ever-so-versatile chickpea instead. Plain, diced tomatoes and shredded cabbage on top make for a low-maintenance salsa for an already-easy recipe.

Photo: Athletic Avocado

You can usually find sliced bell peppers hiding inside a burrito. Here, they take center stage as tortilla substitutes for the gluten-free chicken filling.

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