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These days, it seems like everyone’s raving about CBD, from grandmas to Boomers to Zoomers. (Are we still trying to make “Zoomer” happen?)

Though research on cannabidiol is slim so far scientists think it could help with things like anxiety, sleep, pain, IBS, and epilepsy. (But no, Auntie, it can’t cure COVID.)

With so many companies hopping on that v lucrative bandwagon, it can be tricky to sort through the gummy and hemp-infused sludge. So with this newish company Lazarus Naturals, we did it for you.

Here’s the deal.

It seems like there’s good and bad to everything in the world, and Lazarus Naturals is no exception. Here’s the breakdown:


  • Affordable AF. NGL, Compared to other comparable products on the market, Lazarus Naturals is actually pretty cheap.
  • Solid range of products. With full-spectrum and THC-free topicals, oils, softgels, gummies, and capsules, there are a lot of CBD products to choose from.
  • Transparent business practices. The brand provides proof of third-party testing for all of its CBD products for cannabinoid *and* contaminants.
  • Good reviews and customer service. The brand has a 90-day money-back guarantee and discount assistance programs for certain groups. And reviewers looove the products.
  • Locally-sourced. How quaint: Most of the company’s hemp comes from its own Oregon-based farm with organic practices. The rest (30 percent) is outsourced from farms certified through the Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Hemp Program.
  • Pays a living wage. Decent: The company pays all employees a minimum wage of $20, which is much higher than the minimum where they operate.


  • Some products failed our vetting process. Some Lazarus Naturals products contain added vitamins and supplements, which makes them automatically fail our vetting process. That’s bc research on how CBD interacts with other vitamins is just not there yet.
  • Not totally organic. For those who want 100 percent organic options, Lazarus Naturals won’t cut it.
  • Not without scandal. In 2019, NBC 4 New York bought and tested five Lazarus Naturals products and reported that one of them had lead. Since the sample came from an unapproved vendor and lacked a batch number, the company claims the product was likely counterfeit, but we don’t know for sure.
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The ABCs of CBD: CBD Glossary

Armchair scientist much? (Same.) Before you dip into the CBD, learn all about the lingo, from “flavonoids” to THC:

  • THC. Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, aka another cannabinoid. It’s responsible for the “high” feeling associated with getting stoned.
  • Terpenes. are basically fragrant compounds found in lots of plants, including the cannabis plant. These lend products natural aroma and flavor, which can be described as everything from woody to herbal to citrus-spicy — all the way to wine-snob language levels. They’re also known for having therapeutic benefits of their own.
  • Flavonoids. are plant compounds with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Full-spectrum. means CBD products that have all the naturally-occurring compounds found in cannabis, including terpenes, flavonoids, and a small amount of THC. For legal purposes at the federal level, it can’t have more than 0.3 percent THC.
  • Broad-spectrum. CBD products that have many naturally-occurring compounds in cannabis but without THC.
  • Isolate. Pure CBD extracts that don’t have any other compounds like terpenes or flavonoids.
  • Entourage effect. A theory that states keeping all of the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids found in the cannabis plant together (like with full-spectrum CBD) boosts CBD’s therapeutic effects.
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Lazarus Naturals was founded in 2014 in good ol’ Portland, Oregon: home of fancy coffee and urban farming, real-life Portlandia characters, and a whole lotta weed-related products, thanks to the state’s early legalization.

The CBD market has exploded in recent years, and you can get everything from CBD-infused massage oils to dog treats. So far, though, these products aren’t regulated by the FDA in the same way as drugs or supplements. For that reason, there’s no guarantee about their quality, safety, or effectiveness — it’s a bit of a free-for-all RN.

The FDA can still go after companies that make false claims, it’s still pretty much up to you to do your research when it comes to researching safety and efficacy.

So far, employee-owned Lazarus Naturals has a pretty positive rep due to its legit customer support, 90-day return policy, and product transparency. The company hasn’t received an FDA warning letter for illegal marketing, and so far, its business practices seem ethical.

In January 2020, the company fired up a $20 minimum wage for all hourly employees, which is a decent amount higher than the min in Oregon and Washington, where they do biz.

During the pandemic, it made and donated hand sanitizer to local homeless shelters and food banks. It also gave out free CBD to essential workers.

And finally, the company has a history of donating to causes like Women in Need New York City and the Epilepsy Foundation.

Hemp sourcing and extraction process

Lazarus Naturals says most of its hemp comes from a company-owned, organic farm in Oregon. This is where all of its full-spectrum and isolate products come from.

The remaining 30 percent of its hemp is outsourced from farms certified through the Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Hemp Program.

The company uses an ethanol-based extraction process. Ethanol extraction isn’t considered the “cleanest” extraction method (that’d be supercritical CO2 extraction) because some final products can contain residual solvents.

Lazarus Naturals says it conducts an additional purification and distillation step to remove leftover solvents and avoid probs. It also tests its products to verify if any residual solvents stuck around after all those steps.

Third-party testing

All products go through third-party testing by Columbia Laboratories (formerly PIXIS Labs). Columbia Laboratories is an ISO 17025 certified testing lab, which is a fancy way of saying it’s legit in terms of competent operations and claimed results.

If you want to dig into product test results yourself, you can pull up the certificate of analysis (COA) on each page. Click on “test results” and find the corresponding batch number (listed on the product label/page).

The COA includes test results for:

  • cannabinoid potency
  • residual solvents
  • pesticides
  • terpenes
  • heavy metals
  • microorganisms

The company’s not without controversy, though: It faced somewhat of a sh*t storm in 2019 after NBC 4 New York bought and tested five Lazarus Naturals products and reported that one of them contained lead.

However, the sample came from an unapproved vendor and lacked a batch number. In a statement, the company claimed the product was probably a counterfeit and that the amount of detected lead was well below the FDA’s max daily intake level for lead.

While it’s up to you to make decisions for your health (we’re not your mother!), it’s probably best to buy Lazarus Naturals products straight from Lazarus Naturals to be safe. If the product doesn’t have a batch number, it could be a big ol’ fake.

That being said, we can’t verify Lazarus Naturals’ claims for sure, and ingesting *any* amount of lead is prob not ideal.

Manufacturing standards

The manufacturing facility that Lazarus Naturals uses abides by the FDA’s current good manufacturing practices (cGMPs), which are designed to ensure the safety and accurate content of drug products.

Lazarus Naturals products don’t have genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Most of its products are vegan, but check for the designation to be sure.

Lazarus Naturals offers a ton of full-spectrum products like:

The company also has a limited range of isolate products like:

  • capsules
  • tinctures and oils
  • gummies
  • raw isolate, which is also available in a bulk format

Many of these products are available in standard and high potency formulas. You can find the CBD content per serving in the product description and on the packaging.

Lazarus Natural’s products are priced pretty dang low for the CBD game. You can also get a discount when you bundle products.

Heads up: Lazarus Naturals has CBD products with added vitamins and supplements (like melatonin or vitamin B12). We don’t recommend these types of products because there’s just not enough research on how effective or safe it is to mix CBD with other supplements.

Company policies

Lazarus Naturals has a 90-day money-back guarantee that lets you return a product purchased directly through its website for *any* reason.

The company also has an assistance program that offers 60 percent off most products for veteran shoppers, those on long-term disability, and those in low-income households. You need to show documentation to get the discount.

Customer reviews

Lazarus Naturals has lots of 5-star reviews on its site and a few third-party sites. Some reviewers talk about positive customer service interactions, while others say they love the quick and free shipping.

Most negative reviews are about the taste of certain tinctures as well as a few about shipping and packaging probs.

Also important to note: Lazarus Naturals has a company policy of not posting customer reviews — including positive ones — that violate FDA guidelines about CBD health claims. So, no matter how much reviewers insist CBD cured them of some illness, the company won’t post these claims due to ethical concerns.

We think this is a pretty admirable step in helping prevent the spread of misinformation. Still, it also suggests that the company monitors and filters which reviews people see. (Oh. 😐 )

This company is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), an accreditation that’s supposed to show that a company has made a solid effort to resolve customer complaints. It does have an A+ rating, though. TBF, you have to pay to be considered for the accreditation.

How we chose the best Lazarus Naturals products

The FDA hasn’t yet established standards for CBD testing and labeling, so the quality and potency of CBD products can vary a lot — even products from the same brand.

First off, we’re confident in recommending products from Lazarus Naturals because the company:

  • provides proof of third-party testing by an ISO 17025-compliant lab
  • uses U.S.-grown hemp
  • has not received an FDA warning letter
  • does not make any unsupported health claims
  • has a good track record with customers

But not *every* Lazarus Naturals product meets our standards. We only recommend products that:

  • don’t contain additional vitamins and supplements (like melatonin or vitamin B12)
  • have an up-to-date certificate of analysis (COA) — either unexpired or issued within the last year
  • contain no more than 0.3 percent THC, according to the COA
  • get passing results for pesticides, heavy metals, and molds, according to the COA
  • are accurately labeled for potency, within a certain margin of error (less than 30 percent)

If you haven’t noticed, we take this sh*t seriously. So you might not see every Lazarus Naturals product you’re curious about recommended below.

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Best CBD oil

Full Spectrum, High Potency CBD Oil Tincture

  • Price: $
  • CBD type: full-spectrum
  • Total CBD: 1,500 milligrams (mg)
  • CBD per serving: 50 mg per 1 milliliter (mL)
  • COA: available online

Summary: This is Lazarus Naturals’ best-seller and bedtime fave. The dropper lets you easily control the dose of this high potency oil — each mL contains a whopping 50 mg of CBD, but you can take up to 200 mg per serving.

It doesn’t have any added flavor, so it might taste a little, well, ~earthy~ for some. You can always drop a little into your fave beverage before bed to improve the taste. But its straight-up formula makes it legit for finicky diets: It’s all-natural, vegan, and gluten-free.

Because it contains full-spectrum CBD, you might also benefit from the entourage effect. If you peep the COA, you’ll notice that it contains multiple terpenes that might help reduce anxiety, help you sleep better, and reduce inflammation and pain: bisabolol (anti-anxiety and sleep-inducing), caryophyllene (sleep-inducing), myrcene* (anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory), and humulene (anti-inflammatory).

Reviewers of all ages say this little tincture puts them to sleep better than the sweetest lullaby. Some say you can get comparable tinctures for less, while others insist this one’s the best.

*Note: In 2014, California announced its intent to list myrcene as a cancer-causing chemical as a part of the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act. More research is needed to confirm if myrcene causes cancer, though.

Shop now at Lazarus Naturals.

Best CBD balm

Full Spectrum Relief + Recovery CBD Balm

  • Price: $$
  • CBD type: full-spectrum
  • Total CBD: 1,000 or 3,000 mg
  • CBD per serving: 50 mg per 1 g
  • COA: available online

Summary: If you have aches and pains, reviewers say this balm is the bomb. Just apply as needed to the affected area — whether it’s a sore back or classic case of tech neck. Compared to tinctures, you might need a little stronger dose to feel the effect of a topical like this one, since it needs to pass through the dermis (aka your skin’s outer layer).

This balm has sweet-smelling (but not cotton-candy sweet), nourishing mango butter and beeswax. Its soothing natural scent and cooling feel come from a mix of essential oils like menthol, basil, and wintergreen.

Menthol also adds to its pain-relieving potential — as does capsaicin, the main ingredient in chili peppers.

This balm is newer and doesn’t have a ton of reviews yet, but so far, peeps are loving the icy-cool relief it offers. Some reviewers recommend using it in combo with CBD tinctures for all-over pain relief and sleep support.

What our tester says: “I love the consistency of these balms (though they do take a little while to soak in). I tried these on various aches and pains and while — at least for me — they didn’t do much for intense pain, they did help ease up some minor aches and pains. I get joint pain in my hands, and it helped soothe that a little. I also rubbed it into my neck, temples, and jaw when having a headache, and while it didn’t eliminate it entirely, it did take the pain down a notch. Plus, the act of rubbing it in was soothing on its own. It’s definitely something I’ll keep using for headaches and minor joint pain.” – Naomi Farr, Copy Editor

Shop now at Lazarus Naturals.

Best THC-free CBD

THC Free, High Potency CBD Oil Tincture

  • Price: $
  • CBD type: isolate
  • Total CBD: 1,500 mg
  • CBD per serving: 50 mg per 1 mL
  • COA: available online

Summary: Some people stay away from THC because it’s still illegal where they live; others because drug-testing, where even trace amounts show up, can cost them their job (yikes). Others just don’t jibe with it. (What, you don’t like being *confident* that you’re communicating telepathically w/ your cat? Kidding, obvi.)

Whatever your reason, if you want a THC-free tincture, this one’s for you. It comes in blood orange, wintermint, or unflavored. Those who hate the earthy taste of hemp love that the flavorless option is truly flavorless — one reviewer compared the taste to plain H2O.

Reviewers say the tincture works great for a dose of relaxation or mood boost, but some complain about the packaging. Some say isolates don’t work as well as tinctures for their needs, but everyone is diff.

What our tester says: “I was pleasantly surprised by the flavorless-ness of this oil. It was super smooth with zero aftertaste, which is pretty hard to find at this price point and potency. The bottle is smaller than I thought it’d be, though — so keep that in mind when factoring in price. I would def recommend this oil to anyone looking for a THC-free tincture.” – Ruby Thompson, Market Editor

Shop now at Lazarus Naturals.

Best CBD softgel

Full-Spectrum CBD Softgel

  • Price: $
  • CBD type: full-spectrum
  • Total CBD: 1,000–10,000 mg
  • CBD per serving: 25 or 50 mg per capsule
  • COA: here and here

Summary: If you’re a bang for buck kind of b*tch, this is it for you. Of all Lazarus Naturals’ offerings, this one is the best value. They’re also a legit choice if you don’t like the taste of tinctures or if you just don’t want to measure out the dose on your own.

These capsules come in either 25 or 50 mg capsules. Eat up, vegans: These are plant-powered with the likes of organic flaxseed oil, organic coconut oil, hemp extract, and a veggie soft gel combo.

They have a similar terpene profile as the full-spectrum oil — with caryophyllene, bisabolol, myrcene, and humulene to help calm anxiety, promote better sleep, and reduce inflammation. But they also contain limonene, an anti-inflammatory/antioxidant terpene found in citrus fruits.

Reviewers love them: They’ve reportedly replaced prescription pain meds, eased inflammation, and halted arthritis symptoms. Some reviewers say to plan to wait a couple of weeks before noticing results, though.

Shop now at Lazarus Naturals.

Best CBD for pain

Full Spectrum CBD RSO

  • Price: $$
  • CBD type: full-spectrum
  • Total CBD: 1,000 or 5,000 mg
  • CBD per serving: 100 mg per 1 mL
  • COA: available online

Summary: Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is named after its inventor and medical cannabis activist. A bit of a legend in the weed game, he’s known for creating a CBD with high levels of THC. Still, this one has 2.2. mg of THC per 1 mL, which is still below the legal limit of 0.3 percent THC by weight.

According to Simpson, RSO allegedly treats things like infections, high blood pressure, depression, and inflammation, but we’ll be real: The research just isn’t totally there yet. That being said, reviewers seem to love it — this one has over 170 5-star reviews.

Another bonus: the unique applicator makes it super easy to dose the oil. You can choose a dose anywhere from 25 mg to 200 mg per serving, so it’s a good option for CBD newbies and pros alike.

This blend also has organic coconut oil, sunflower lecithin, and hemp. Take it under your tongue, mix it into your breakfast, or make your own edibles.

What our tester says: “I’m honestly a little intimidated by this product. Not only does it look super hardcore, but it’s also the highest potency oil on this list (I usually take between 25 and 50 mg of CBD and 1 serving of this is 100!). When I tried it, I had a hard time dosing it. I put it straight under my tongue, so I couldn’t really tell how far I was pressing the syringe (OMG, did I just take 200 mg of CBD??). But still, I really enjoyed it — it had no aftertaste and I actually experienced legit pain relief.” – Ruby Thompson, Market Editor

Shop now at Lazarus Naturals.

Best CBD coconut oil

Full Spectrum CBD Coconut Oil

  • Price: $$
  • CBD type: full-spectrum
  • Total CBD: 500 or 2,000 mg
  • CBD per serving: 133 mg per 1 tbsp
  • COA: available online

Summary: Here’s another fun pick — this one with a 5-star rating (of 72 reviews). With full-spectrum hemp oil and CBD, this food-grade coconut oil makes it ideal for cooking, baking, sautéing, and stir-frying. Basically, the world is your CBD-infused chef’s kitchen.

You can also use it topically like any other coconut oil. Reviewers say it also works for dry, cracked hands, pain relief, or a healthy dose of relaxation.

Some say it’s a little greasy on the skin (coconut oil does be like that) but worth it. Bonus: Its rich coconut flavor is apparently delicious. Pro tip from reviewers: Put some in your morning cup of joe for a coconut-flavored pick-me-up, or bake a delish coconut pound cake.

Shop now at Lazarus Naturals.

Best CBD massage oil

CBD Body + Massage Oil

  • Price: $$
  • CBD type: full-spectrum
  • Total CBD: 500 or 4,000 mg
  • CBD per serving: 8 mg per 1 mL
  • COA: available online

Summary: Time to splay out and lather up: Whether you enlist your love, a friend, or BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) to your next massage appointment, this one’s perf for rubbing into sore muscles.

Made from organic jojoba, reviewers say it goes on smoothly, dries quickly, and doesn’t leave behind an unfortunate greasy residue.

Though it’s supposed to have a pretty neutral scent from the jojoba, sweet almond oil, and hemp extract, some reviewers complain it’s too strong. You can always mix it with some lavender essential oil or something you love to jazz up the scent, though.

What our tester says: “This is a nice oil, consistency-wise, but the first thing I noticed right off the bat is that the label ‘fragrance-free’ is a bit misleading. It should really be labeled ‘no added fragrance,’ because even though there isn’t any fragrance or essential oils added, boy does it have a VERY distinct cannabis scent (luckily, it doesn’t linger a long time). It’s nice to use right out of the shower on sore muscles if you don’t mind smelling like straight-up weed, but it doesn’t absorb super quickly. I also didn’t notice much in the way of it easing actual pain.” – Naomi Farr, Copy Editor

Shop now at Lazarus Naturals.

With all these CBD products, you might feel like a kid in a candy shop — but without the know-how to go straight to your favorites (unicorn pops, duh). We got you. Here are some tips to find the CBD product of your dreams:

Type of CBD

Lazarus Naturals sells full-spectrum and CBD isolate products. Here’s what to consider when choosing between the two:

Full-spectrum CBD contains trace amounts of THC. It shouldn’t be enough to make you feel “high” (unless you take it at high enough doses), but it might make you test positive for THC on a drug test.

But that said, full-spectrum CBD might have a leg up on isolates because of the entourage effect, a theory that states keeping all of the compounds of the cannabis plant together boosts their therapeutic benefits.

But if you’re regularly drug tested for your job, sensitive to THC, or just not into trying THC, CBD isolate is still a promising option for finding relief from things like anxiety and pain.

Type of product

Here’s the deal on the diff types of products you can buy from LN:

  • Topicals. Looking to ease sore muscles or joints? Topicals are ideal for targeted pain relief. Just rub on and relax.
  • Oils. Want full-body effects? Whether you’re looking for generalized pain relief, a mood boost, or relaxation, oils got your whole bod covered. Plus, you can ingest them *or* add them to lotion to use topically.
  • Soft gels. Also for full-body effects, soft gels are pre-dosed and super easy to take.
  • Gummies. Another full-body option, gummies are a yummier way to down CBD that might work better for peeps that hate swallowing pills.

Added vitamins and supplements

Some Lazarus Naturals products contain added vitamins and supplements to give them some kind of boost, like melatonin for better sleep or vitamin B12 for more energy.

We don’t currently recommend these kinds of products bc research on how CBD interacts with other vitamins and supplements is lacking.

That said, we trust you to make your own decisions, bestie. Make sure to read up on the product’s reviews before purchasing and consider asking a healthcare pro for tips on what supplements might work best for you.


Some of LN’s products are pretty potent, offering up to 200 mg of CBD per serving. That’s pretty high — so if you’re new to CBD, consider opting for lower potency options to start.

We recommend starting with between 5 and 10 mg for your first product to see how you tolerate it. If you want more, you can always up your dose the next time.

For now, it’s best to buy Lazarus Naturals straight from the site. If you buy elsewhere, there’s no guarantee it’s legit.

Since Amazon prohibits the sale of CBD products, any products you find on there could be knock-offs. Otherwise, they probably just contain hemp seed oil, not CBD.

Always take your Lazarus Naturals products as recommended on the package. In general, though, here’s what to know:

  • Tinctures come with a dropper so you can measure out a serving. You can ingest it straight up or drop some in your brunch, lunch, or fave bev.
  • Capsules should be gulped down with a glass of water.
  • Gummies should be chewed and swallowed. Yummy.
  • Topicals are applied directly onto the skin. (The company’s food-grade coconut topical can also be ingested.)


The dose you take will depend on lots of factors, including your tolerance and body size. Most products have a recommended serving size in the product description.

If it’s your first time with a product, play it safe: Start with a smaller dose (usually 5 to 10 mg for ingestibles) and work your way up.

If you’re not ready to commit to Lazarus Naturals, don’t stress (that’s what the CBD is meant to soothe, after all). There are lots of other options to choose from, including:

Best for organic products: Joy Organics

If you’re looking for 100 percent, USDA-certified organic, Joy Organics delivers. Full and broad-spectrum CBD tinctures, topicals, gummies, and soft gels — they have it all.

Shop now at Joy Organics.

Best for CBD newbies: Green Gorilla

If you’ve never dabbled in CBD, farm-to-shelf company Green Gorilla has got you.

They offer products in small sample sizes so you can try a broad selection before you commit. (Because commitment is hard enough as it is.)

Shop now at Green Gorilla.

Best for product range: CBDistillery

CBDistillery has high quality full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate products of allll kinds: oils, gummies, topicals, and soft gels.

Shop now at CBDistillery.

According to the World Health Organization, CBD is generally safe. Still, some might experience mild side effects.

Research from 2017 suggests that the most common side effects include:

Your diet, medications, and other factors can affect how your bod processes CBD.

Research from 2020 concluded that high fat foods can seriously increase the amount of CBD that enters your bloodstream, which could up the risk of potential side effects. So, take it easy and maybe don’t fry up your salmon in CBD or slosh back your capsule with a milkshake.

You may want to chat with a healthcare professional or cannabis clinician (yes, those exist!) before trying CBD, especially if you’re taking medications. Common medications may impact the way your body metabolizes and is affected by CBD.

If you’re pregnant or nursing, skip the CBD.

Is Lazarus Naturals a good brand?

So far, so good. The company’s never been issued an FDA warning letter and isn’t involved in any lawsuits. Most customer reviews are positive — though TBF, the reviews might be vetted by the brand prior to posting.

Though the company’s pretty new, it does have a solid rep so far (and an A+ rating on BBB).

Is Lazarus Naturals a good CBD oil?

According to reviewers: yep. Natural health resource Remedy Review also singled out Lazarus Naturals CBD oils as among the best on the market for athletes’ recovery.

As a bonus, they come in various flavors for those who can’t hang with hemp’s “earthy” taste.

Is Lazarus Naturals organic?

Some, but not all, of Lazarus Naturals products are certified organic. Most of its ingredients are cultivated with organic practices on their Central Oregon farm.

Does Lazarus Naturals get you high?

CBD doesn’t produce a high, but some CBD products — including some of Lazarus Naturals’ — contain trace amounts of THC.

The amount of THC isn’t enough to get you high, but if you consume high enough doses of those products, there’s def a potential for feeling the psychoactive effects of THC.

Is Lazarus Naturals legal?

All of Lazarus Naturals products are legal in the U.S. (though not in *every* state).

That being said, there’s still a risk of testing positive for traces of THC in a drug test when ingesting any CBD. For that reason, the company advises against taking full-spectrum products if you have to take a drug test.

Some drug tests also still read CBD as THC, which is def *not* a win for some employees.

Lazarus Naturals seems like a pretty trustworthy CBD brand. They’re known for affordable products, transparency (those COA links, though! ✅ ), and a happy customer base (thanks in part to that generous assistance program).

Not sure if CBD is right for you? Start small or talk with a healthcare pro before you start.

Is CBD legal?The 2018 Farm Bill removed hemp from the legal definition of marijuana in the Controlled Substances Act. This made some hemp-derived CBD products with less than 0.3% THC federally legal. However, CBD products containing more than 0.3% THC still fall under the legal definition of marijuana, making them federally illegal but legal under some state laws. Be sure to check state laws, especially when traveling. Also, keep in mind that the FDA has not approved nonprescription CBD products, and some products may be inaccurately labeled.