As a society, we’re quick to reach for pills as a cure-all (to sleep better, eat less, or boost energy), but we can accomplish the same things with a 3,000-year-old solution: meditation.

We’re the first to admit that before we tried Headspace, the guided meditation app, we were skeptical. What could 10 minutes of sitting in silence really do for our mind and body? It turns out a lot.

We started off with Headspace’s 10-day challenge. Every morning we woke up and did a 10-minute, just-the-basics guided meditation led by the app’s founder, Andy Puddicombe. It was the perfect way to ease into the day and—dare we say—a better pick me up than caffeine. Andy holds your hand (metaphorically, of course) as you start your meditation journey. First stop: Learning that meditation isn’t about blocking out all of the outside noise and thoughts, but is instead about acknowledging them and letting them flow freely. It seems like such simple takeaway, but it actually helped us focus better at work and even go to sleep faster.

Outside of the 10-day challenge, Headspace also has tons of other resources from 2-minute bites to help you calm down in stressful situations to longer packs of guided sessions that focus on specific topics such as sleep, focus, creativity, and relationships. And best of all: Headspace creates an online community where you can share your story, ask questions, and learn how meditation can help you eat healthier and what it means to have mindful sex.

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