Craving the kick of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos with a refreshing lemon-lime aftertaste? No? Well, too bad, because starting this week, you can have your hot Cheetos and drink ’em too.

The latest Cheetos food collab with Mountain Dew (now branded very millennial-y as MTN DEW) is hitting online shelves this week. Here’s everything to know about what may be the grossest and/or most genius beverage idea yet.  

MTN DEW Flamin’ Hot promises your taste buds sweetness and spice — without the orange fingers. Since the last year has brought us hot Cheetos ice cream, mac and cheese, and popcorn (not to mention there’s literally a movie in the works about this snack and its cultlike following), it’s no surprise that this new partnership upholds the trend of Americans getting into everything hot Cheetos.

In addition to the soft drink, which one MTN DEW marketing executive refers to as “one of our most provocative beverages yet,” PepsiCo is launching a Flamin’ Hot apparel line with contemporary clothing brand Broken Promises. The collection includes hot hoodies, T-shirts, sweatpants, and more. You can buy the fire ’fits on Broken Promises’ website starting September 4.

And to promote what’s sure to be a TikTok-tries-it-phenomenon, MTN DEW is partnering with “sweet and spicy” influencers, including @BaddieWinkle and @grannycoybundy, to bring the taste to life. 

You’ll be able to buy the limited-edition soda exclusively at the online DEW Store starting August 31. Interested food thrill-seekers will be limited to two cases per purchase. 

Our verdict? This may be a terrible idea for our taste buds (TBD), but it sure is one heck of a marketing move. We’ll keep ya posted on the sweet-to-spicy ratio and if the soda slaps once we get our hands on this unusual flavor.