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Ever been sitting at your desk, engrossed in work, when you suddenly realize that you haven’t moved a muscle (except for your hella-jacked typing hands) for, like… 5 hours??


Fortunately, the Cubii exists. This minimalist elliptical slides right under your desk so you can keep your legs moving without stepping away from your work. Although there are TONS of under-desk ellipticals on the market, Cubii has a rep as one of the best.

Here’s what you need to know about these petite and powerful pedals.

Whether you work from home or in an office or do a little of each, there is so. much. sitting. And by now you’ve probably heard that prolonged sitting is TERRIBLE for your health (and even worse if your posture isn’t on point).

Researchers have found that too much time on your butt makes it harder to get your butt moving — really! Excessive sitting has been linked to muscle deconditioning and early muscle fatigue.

Enter: the desk workout.

While it’s totally possible to get a workout at your desk with just your body and your office chair (seated calf raises, anyone?), having some equipment that’s made for the desk makes it oh-so-easy to feel the burn while you’re on the clock — just not Milton-style.

In addition to seated ellipticals like the Cubii, there are under-desk bikes, treadmill desks, standing desks, upright bike desks, balance ball chairs, and attachments galore.

And while desk workouts aren’t gonna be super intense or transform you into an Olympic athlete, they can help prevent that muscle deconditioning. Which reminds us… *starts furiously pedaling*.

The Cubii is available in four models, and occasionally, a gorg woodgrain version of the Cubii Pro called the Cubii Elite may be available on their website. Here’s a quick overview of the four base models:

Cubii JR1Cubii JR2Cubii GoCubii Pro
DisplayLCD; distance, calories, active minutes, RPMsLCD; distance, calories, active minutes, RPMsIlluminated LCD; distance, calories, active minutes, RPMsnone (all metrics tracked through app)
Resistance8 levels8 levels8 levels8 levels
Weight27 lbs. (12.2 kg)18.9 lbs. (8.6 kg)19.4 lbs. (8.8 kg)27 lbs. (12.2 kg)
App connectivityyesyesyesyes
Extraswheel stoppers, batteries, workout matadjustable foot straps, chair lock, batteries, workout matretractable handle, wheels, office chair wheel cup, batterieswheel stopper, charger, workout mat
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Photo: Cubii JR1

Each Cubii comes with a few extras that vary by model.

All Cubiis come standard with a chair lock or wheel stoppers to keep your office chair from sliding away while you’re pedaling. They also come with batteries to power the display — except the Bluetooth-enabled Cubii Pro, which comes with a charger.

The Cubii JR1, JR2, and Pro also come with a nonslip mat for you to put your Cubii on, and the Go (made for going, obvs) has wheels and a retractable handle.

A Cubii purchase also gives you access to the Cubii app and the adorably named Cubii Communitii, where you can access some inspired Cubii workouts, track your progress, set goals, join groups, and compete against other Cubii users.

But FYI: One of the common themes among negative reviews is trouble with app syncing.

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Photo: Cubii Go

Each Cubii has eight resistance levels, and all models are equipped to sync with apps like Fitbit, Apple HealthKit, and — of course — the Cubii app.

One Cubii may be a better fit for you than the others. Here’s our guide to picking the best Cubii for you:

If you want…Get…
Bluetooth connectivityCubii Pro
portabilityCubii Go
a good dealCubii JR1
something lightweightCubii JR2 or Cubii Go

Scroll back up to our model comparison table to compare the specs and features of all the Cubii models.

And setup — what setup? You can start pedaling on your Cubii the moment you take it out of the box.

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Photo: Cubii Pro

Here’s what you’ll pay for a Cubii if you buy through their website:

  • Cubii JR1: $249
  • Cubii JR2: $269
  • Cubii Go: $299
  • Cubii Pro: $349

They ain’t cheap for sure, especially compared with some other under-desk ellipticals and bikes on the market. BUT they’re sturdy and feature-packed, so you’ll prob have a much better experience with a Cubii than with a cheaper piece of equipment.

Shipping is free on all orders over $49, and you can get free returns for a full refund within 30 days if you’re stateside and realize the Cubii isn’t a good fit for you. (If you’re not in the lower 48, you’ll have to pay for return shipping, but you can still get a refund.)

Each Cubii comes with a 1-year warranty too. (Just remember to register yours on the website after you get it!)

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Photo: Cubii JR2


  • Easy way to work out at your desk
  • 8 levels of resistance for more difficult workouts
  • App connectivity
  • Free shipping and 1-year warranty
  • Access to Cubii Communitii


  • Among the most expensive under-desk ellipticals
  • App connectivity issues noted in reviews
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The Cubii is a seated elliptical that slides neatly under your desk so you can pedal your workday away. It’s an ideal solution to the issue of excessive sitting but shouldn’t interfere with your productivity.

Cubiis are super high quality and on the expensive side for this type of workout equipment, but we def think they’re worth a standing sitting ovation.