Most people with desk jobs spend a whole lot of the day typing. Not exactly strenuous activity, but repeating the same motion all day can lead to unhealthy consequences like carpal tunnel syndrome. To keep joints fresh as a daisy until quittin’ time, try this simple wrist stretch. Start by extending the right arm straight ahead, elbow straight. Then clasp the right hand with the left, fingers pointing upward. Pull the entire hand toward you, stretching the underside of the forearm. Reverse the stretch by turning fingers downward, palm facing in, and pulling hand toward the body. You’ll be limber and pain-free before you know it!

Do It Today: Do wrist stretches at work today to prevent occupational overuse syndromes such as carpal tunnel.

Healthy Hands

The office can a breeding ground for all kinds of icky germs. Stay healthy by washing hands frequently.


Get limber on the job with these desk-friendly stretches.