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Life is busy and sometimes a trip the supermarket just doesn’t fit in. But you can still eat healthy and stock your home with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables—without having to leave the house as often. Luckily, there are a slew of produce subscription boxes that can be shipped directly to your door, so you don’t even have to go outside. Similar to a CSA (community-supported agriculture), which connects consumers with local farmers, these subscription services offer the same kind of service, but instead of heading over to drop-off locations to pick up your weekly bounty, shipments are sent directly to your home.

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Photo courtesy of Misfits

If you want to supplement your produce boxes with a visit to your local farmers market, that’s definitely an option, too.

Ahead, our favorite produce boxes on the market right now, all geared toward making healthy eating affordable and super easy.

Misfits Market aims to prevent food waste by delivering boxes of fruits and vegetables that maybe aren’t your average shape or size—but are still perfectly good to cook with and eat. Plus, Misfits guarantees that its boxes are up to 40 percent less than what you’d spend at your local grocery store, sourcing organic and non-GMO produce from regional farms and shipping to the Northeast, South, and Midwest (with plans to expand to more states). Expect an ever-changing selection of fruits and vegetables like leafy greens, watermelon radishes, zucchini, heirloom tomatoes, apples, and mangoes.

The plan: Misfits offers two plans: the Mischief and the Madness. At $22, the Mischief is a starter box geared toward smaller households, which can be shipped weekly or bi-weekly. The Madness box arrives with 18 to 22 pounds of fruits and vegetables, and is priced at $35.

Need more fruit in your life? Let The Fruit Guys deliver a large assortment of fruit to your door. You can choose between organic and conventional produce that’s locally sourced from small farms who don’t use GMOs, with boxes arriving filled with bananas, apples, oranges, kiwis, and more.

The plan: Choose from five different boxes—which all range in size and price—with the cheapest at $30 and the most expensive at $125. There’s also a healthy kit, complete immune-boosting fruits, honey sticks, and ginger, starting at $42.

While supermarkets often reject any produce that aren’t “perfect” in shape or size, Perfectly Imperfect Produce gathers all that excess bounty from local farms and wholesalers and ships it out in subscription boxes. You choose from a slew of different boxes, which range in price, size, and organic/non-organic, and include everything from eggplants and butternut squash to watermelons and plums. Plus, for every box purchased, Perfectly Imperfect Produce donates produce to food pantries in need.

The plan: Perfectly Imperfect Produce offers 12 boxes, the smallest of which is $14 and the largest is $40. Each option lists the weight of the produce, along with how many people it’s designed for.

If you live anywhere in the continental United States, you can get Farmbox Direct’s shipments of fruits and vegetables. Farmbox Direct guarantees all organic and natural produce, plucked from local farmers. The menu of produce changes weekly and is dependent on what’s local and in season—so you’ll never get bored—and if you aren’t super into what’s picked for that week, you can make up to five substitutions in every delivery so nothing’s wasted. You can expect items like pears, sweet potatoes, blood oranges, and avocados.

The plan: Choose from six options—three organic and three all-natural in small, medium, and large. Prices run the gamut from $43.95 for the smallest box and $68.85 for the largest.

DMV residents can take advantage of From the Farmer, a produce-delivering company that works with local, sustainable, and organic farmers to build subscription boxes filled with the likes of asparagus, broccoli, lettuce heads, cilantro, and grapes. You can pick boxes based on how much produce you’ll go through. Or if you simply want fruits or vegetables, there’s a box called Cooking Essentials, which is stocked with items that you should always keep in your kitchen (think garlic, white potatoes, and yellow onions). For those who want to add on other products to their fruit and vegetable bounty, From the Farmer also provides a regional coffee box and rotating artisan bread shipment.

The plan: From the Farmer presents eight different farm boxes, including a small seasonal box, all fruit box, and local box. The cheapest box clocks in at $12.50 (Cooking Essentials) while the most expensive is $45 (Large Seasonal Box).

Imperfect Foods operates as both a produce subscription as well as a grocery delivery service. Organic and conventional produce, which can be customized and altered based on your taste preferences and dietary restrictions, can be dropped off at your door, along with grocery staples and snacks, like eggs, olive oil, and sausages. Delivery is available to a handful of states on the West Coast, East Coast, and Midwest, so put in your zip code to see if your location is in the delivery zone.

The plan: Plans are customized and priced based on your household size, whether you want organic or non-organic produce, and if you’re looking to add in grains, snacks, dairy, and meat and fish, but 11 to 13 pounds of organic produce start at $24.

While many produce subscription services source fruits and vegetables from a number of farms, Farm Fresh to You plucks organic and sustainable items straight from the company’s own family farm in California: Capay Organic. Simply pick a box, customize the produce to your liking, add other farm products (like hand-crafted jam and small-batch honey), then get it delivered to your door.

The plan: Farm Fresh to You ships six different kinds of boxes, like traditional CSA, snack pack, and fruit only. Boxes range in size from mini to monster, as do the prices ($27.50 to $61), and you can select to have shipments arrive weekly, every other week, or every three or four weeks.

Raw Generation, known for healthy smoothies and juices, also dabbles in the produce delivery arena. These fresh produce boxes are packed straight on the farm, without being handled by anyone in the supermarket, and are rife with 25 pounds of fruits and vegetables.

The plan: Raw Generation offers three different options, all at the price of $79.99. You can opt for only fruit, only vegetables, or a combination of the two. Delivery is free to a handful of states.

Although FreshDirect is known as a grocery delivery service for everything—not just produce—the Northeast company is now offering subscription-free CSA boxes for the summer. Partnering with Hepworth Farms, Lancaster Farm Fresh, and Dig Acres, FreshDirect is allowing customers to order produce boxes from the Hudson Valley and Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

The plan: Add the CSA boxes to your cart the same way you would other groceries. There’s the Hepworth Farms local organic spring farm share (six pounds of six to eight seasonal vegetables for $29.99), the Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative local organic vegetable farm share filled with 8-10 items for $29.99, and the Dig Acres farm crate, with four to six vegetables for $14.99.