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Founded in 2016, Sleepgram says it believes you should be able to buy premium products without draining your savings. The company sells one pillow: a 3-in-1 adjustable pillow that’s supposed to be the Goldilocks-perfect fit for basically anyone — regardless of body size and sleeping position.

But are these claims legit? We’ll dive in to everything you need to know about the Sleepgram pillow so you can figure out if it’s juuuust right for you.

Here’s a quick breakdown of Sleepgram’s pillow:


  • Customizable. Goldilocks got to pick her fave bed, but then she presumably got devoured by bears. Thankfully, Sleepgram lets you adjust the height and firmness to one that’s perfect for you — without the threat of being eaten by angry, tired-from-a-hard-day’s-work bears.
  • Washable. Unzip the cover and pop it right into your washing machine to get out the dust mites and grime.
  • A+ company policies. The pillow comes with a lifetime warranty, and you can try it out for 100 nights. Hate it with a fiery passion? Send it back before the period is up for a refund.


  • No rock hard option. If you like your pillows like you like your abs, you’re outta luck here. There’s no ultra-firm option.
  • Feelin’ hot, hot, hot. Reviewers complain that the Sleepgram pillow swallows up heat, so it’s a lousy choice for sweaty, hot sleepers.
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Sleepgram Pillow

PricingQueen: $59.99
King: $74.99
DimensionsQueen: 18 x 26 inches with 2-in. gusset
King: 18 x 33 inches with 2-in. gusset
Materialsdown-alternative polyester microfiber fill, 100% cotton cover, polyester fabric lining
Good forall sleepers

The Sleepgram pillow is easily adjustable, so you can customize it on the fly to find your perfect level of plushness. That means that if your sleep prefs change, you can adjust as needed.

To adjust, you’ll unzip the pillow for a little secret 🤐 : The Sleepgram is made up of two pillows — one inside the other. But are two pillows really better than one?

Both filler pillows contain a down alternative fill with a fluffy feel. They’re each tagged with color-coded labels so you can easily tell the two apart. The red-tagged one is a medium firmness and the blue-tagged one is soft.

How TF do I configure the two pillows?

The brand says you can use a different combo of the pillows to achieve a different feel.

  • Looking for a soft pillow? Stick to the blue-tagged pillow only.
  • Prefer a medium feel? Swap for the red-tagged pillow.
  • Want something firmer? Try both pillows together.
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Some reviewers say combining the two pillows makes for a thicker pillow that can be uncomfortable. Side sleepers share mixed feedback, with some saying it’s too thick and others complaining it’s not firm enough (this is pretty common with pillows though bc comfort is SO subjective).

The cotton cover is washable, so you can unzip it and stick it in the wash. The brand says it’s also hypoallergenic and contains cooling fibers, but lots of reviewers complain about the pillow sleeping hot, so take that claim with a grain of salt.

Okay, so the Sleepgram pillow sounds pretty fab by all accounts, but how do the company’s policies stack up?

Sleep trial and return policy

For starters, we love the 100-night sleep trial, which isn’t something you often see with pillows. But a bad pillow can completely ruin your beauty sleep and leave you feeling as creaky as the Cryptkeeper, so being able to test one out is pretty legit.

If you loathe your new sleep companion, you can return it within the trial window for a full refund. Return shipping is free if you’re in the U.S., but you’ll have to pay for shipping if you’re in Canada.

If you do decide to return the pillow, make sure you contact customer service first to get a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number.


On the flip side, if you end up head over heels for your Sleepgram pillow, you can rest assured because it comes with a lifetime warranty. So if anything ever goes wrong, you’ll get a replacement — no questions asked.

Company service and reputation

The above all sounds like perfection but be warned that Sleepgram has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). There are also a healthy number of complaints about the company’s products and warranty.

Some people say they ran into issues with returns. Others complain that the company refused to honor the lifetime warranty. A few reviewers also say that they noticed unauthorized charges from Sleepgram on their credit card statements. EEEK!

It’s really tough to say for sure whether a pillow will be the one of your dreams. That’s a personal decision that only you can make. BUT what we can say is that because of the Sleepgram’s two-in-one design, you’re more likely to find a fit than with a nonadjustable pillow.

What else do you need to know about pillow shopping? Here’s what to consider:


Obvi, the thicker the pillow, the higher your head is lifted off your mattress. A pillow should be thick enough to provide support for your neck and align your spine. A too-thick or too-thin pillow can leave you waking up with an achy-breaky neck.

One 2015 study suggests that 4 inches hits the sweet spot for back sleepers and another 2015 study found that 4 inches is also comfiest for side sleepers. Stomach sleepers usually prefer super flat pillows — or no pillow at all.

Because this pillow is so adjustable, it’s more likely you’ll be able to achieve a good height to keep your spine aligned and comfortable. But if you sleep on your side and have a larger body frame, you might not get enough support from the firmest configuration.


The perfect firmness for you comes down to your sleeping position and what you find most comfortable.

Sleeping on your tum requires less support, so stomach sleepers usually like a softer pillow. On the flip side, side and back sleepers typically feel cozier with a firmer pillow.

And yet… it’s not a hard and fast rule. You might enjoy drifting off to dreamland on your belly with your head on a rock-hard pillow.

Just keep in mind that though the pillow has a few different firmness options with the different inner-pillow combos, you won’t be able to achieve the feel of an extra-firm pillow.

Sleepgram PillowOriginal Casper PillowLeesa PillowPurple Original PillowOriginal Coop Home Goods Pillow
Sizesqueen and kingstandard and kingstandard and kingone sizestandard, queen, king
Firmness optionsadjustable medium mediumvery firmadjustable
In-home trial100-night trial100-night trial30-night trial100-night trial100-day return policy
Warrantylifetime1-year warranty3-year limited warranty1-year warranty5-year warranty
Customer reviewsGenerally positive but people say the pillow sleeps hot. Some people also complain it’s not firm enough. Highly rated by customers. Some note that it’s too soft. Mostly positive. People like the balance of firm and soft. Very positive reviews.High praise from reviewers with complaints about off-gassing.
Company repBBB rating of F
Some customers note issues with refunds and warranty.
BBB rating of A+
Some complaints about issues with warranty.
BBB rating of A+
Some issues with customer service.
BBB rating of A+
Purple is super responsive to complaints.
No BBB profile.

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On the surface, Sleepgram seems like a solid option if you’re searching for an adjustable, down-alternative pillow. But remember that pillows are a lot like random beds deep in the woods: What works for papa bear won’t necessarily feel right for Goldilocks.

Being able to adjust the shape and height of a pillow gives you a leg up in the hunt for the perfect sleep surface, but that doesn’t mean the Sleepgram pillow is your perfect bowl of porridge — especially when the company isn’t known for providing a stellar customer experience.