Lizzo is a Grammy Award-winning artist who’s gotten a standing ovation from Rihanna. How could she possibly get any cooler? Well, she just gave a TED Talk — on twerking.

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Reminder: Miley Cyrus didn’t invent twerking at the 2013 VMAs. This move was called “disturbing and disgusting” by the media, but Lizzo’s here to set the record straight. “It’s important to me to keep the origin story of twerking alive,” she says.

In her talk, Lizzo explains that twerking’s a movement that was created and celebrated by Black people for generations. It’s a way to express joy and spirituality, and it can even promote self-love and body acceptance. (Um, yes please.) “Through the movement of twerking, I discovered my ass is my greatest asset,” Lizzo says.

Is there ever a bad time to listen to Lizzo? We didn’t think so. In less than 15 minutes, you’ll understand more about Black culture and self-expression — and after you can throw on some tunes to twerk it out at home. In the spirit of this TED talk: Never ass-ume. Always shake ass.

Plus, it ends with a dance party you won’t want to miss. Check out the full video below.