This seemingly harmless mixer isn't much better than plain old soda.

Skip Tonic Water at the Bar

Photo by Marissa Angell

Resist the urge to fall back on a G&T just because it avoids that whole "soda" thing. Tonic "water" is actually pretty sneaky — this popular bar mixer is a lot more like soda than water. It starts off as water, but sugar, fruit extracts, and quinine (a chemical originally intended to fend off malaria) are all added for flavor. In the end, it packs in just as much sugar per serving as Sprite!

For a healthier alternative, try seltzer, which is just straight water with bubbles. Add a squeeze of citrus for a perfect soda alternative or a hint of bitters to mimic quinine's tart flavor when mixing with gin.

The Takeaway: Opt for seltzer over tonic water to cut out excess sugar and calories.

Brew Crew

Would you rather reach for a coldbrew? Some studies suggest is has just as many health benefits of red wine.

Fun Fact

Some believe that beer savedtheworld by starting the agriculture revolution.

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