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Jay Kennedy
The author, Christie, and her boyfriend
7 Pieces of Advice That Aren't Terrible (From a Relationship Counselor)
The author, Charlie, looking perplexed at his Tinder app.
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Guy Live Tweets 2 Baristas Falling in Love
Looking at Your Ex’s New Fling’s Instagram Is Just “Research,” Right?
Someone Updated “Baby It’s Cold Outside," So We're Not Singing About Date Rape
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One Major Benefit of Going Full Bush
Did Being Close With Your Mom Affect Your Sex Life?
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Premature Ejaculation Isn’t a Joke—and Neither Is This App That Gives Guys a Helping Hand
Study Says Oral Sex Is to Blame for Rise in Head and Neck Cancer Cases
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college party
This Is the Exact Number of Calories You Burn During Sex
giant clit in france
weight watchers black
Non-Monogamy Feature
Shailene Woodley Makes a Good Case for Why Schools Should Teach Masturbation
fifth grader note


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