Can a bra that monitors the wearer’s stress levels teach us how to avoid eating our feelings? Microsoft believes it can.

Fully Supported: A Bra That Prevents Stress Eating

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When it comes to getting a handle on stress eating, a new bra from Microsoft could offer personalized, er, support. Researchers from Microsoft have developed technology that provides users personalized “just-in-time” interventions and the potential to change their stress-eating ways.

It turns out that bras, designed to be worn around the chest for extended periods of time, are the perfect garments to outfit with sensors that monitor heart rate, skin temperature, and other bio-signals. As a result, this sensor-laden “just-in-time” bra is the first to know when its wearer’s stress levels spike. And when they do, she gets a smartphone notification letting her know she’s stressed, and perhaps more likely to reach for the nearest cronut. Talk about a wonder-bra — the researchers reported that they were able to able to accurately predict physiological changes that lead to stress-eating. They’re planning more research to explore whether the system facilitates long-term change by helping users change their emotional eating habits.

Not to worry, non-bra-wearing friends — a bracelet with the same capabilities is also in the works.

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