Photo by Jordan Shakeshaft

Not everyone needs a whole two days between workouts, but neglecting to rest at all is a surefire way not to improve strength and endurance. Make sure all that hard work doesn’t go to waste by listening to your body — if something’s not right, hang up those sneakers for an extra day. Here are three of our favorite tips for resting the right way:

  • New to working out? Don’t stress about keeping up with veteran gym rats. The body takes time to adapt to stress and will gradually boost its recovery power.
  • Give the body time to adapt to new workout routines.
  • Fuel up! The body needs balanced nutrition to recover from exercise. If new to weight training, it might be a good idea to up protein intake.

The Takeaway: Give the body enough time to recovery, and don’t be afraid to take some extra rest when trying a new routine.

Do It Right

Proper recovery takes time, but there are safe and effective ways to help speed along the process.

Put a Smile On!

Recent research suggests depression could slow exercise recovery, so keep things positive for a great next workout.