Stamina isn’t just about how many miles you can run. It also refers to how long you can get it on. There’s no one-size-fits-all way to increase your sexual stamina, but there are some major factors that come into play.

Here’s how to last longer in bed, no matter what genitalia you’re rockin’.

Solo love making can help you last longer when you’re doing the deed with a partner. Instead of falling into the same masturbation routine you’ve been doing for years, try something new.

If you have a vagina:

  • Invest in some sex toys. If you buy a variety of toys, you’ll never get bored.
  • Lube up. Lubrication can help you feel more comfortable and increase your pleasure.
  • Practice orgasm control. Try bringing yourself to the brink of an orgasm and then stop right before you climax. If you do this again and again, you’ll build up your stamina. It’s also a great way to achieve multiple orgasms.
  • Explore other erogenous zones. The clit deserves all the praise it gets, but that doesn’t mean you can’t treat other erogenous zones. Treat your nipples, inner thighs, neck, and g-spot during your next self-love sesh.
  • Try different porn. If watching internet porn isn’t your thing, try reading some old school erotica or a romance novel. There are lots of varieties of porn that leave more to the imagination, which can intensify your masturbation experience.

If you have a penis:

  • It’s all in the hips. You can thrust in the air or even dry hump a pillow to imitate sex. This will feel really great, but it will take longer to come. If you do this often enough, you’ll become the energizer bunny. You’ll just keep going and going and going.
  • Use your nondominant hand. It’s almost like having someone do it for you… almost.
  • Different strokes. Switch up your rub and tug techniques.
  • Ain’t no shame in the prostate game. Utilize your prostate for a more intense orgasm. This will also help you build up stamina over time.
  • Give your balls some lovin’. A nice tug-n-squeeze can go a long way.

The old adage goes, you are what you eat. While not entirely accurate, it’s true that food is fuel. Zesting up your diet with key nutrients can give your sex life some added flavor.

Get these sex boosting nutrients in with the following foods:

NutrientWhat it does Who it helpsWhat to eat
Omega-3sThis fatty acid helps balance sex hormones and increase stamina.EveryoneFlaxseed, chia seeds, hemp, kale, spinach, walnuts, tuna, and oily fish
PotassiumEating a banana a day isn’t just fantastic for muscle cramps. Potassium — an electrolyte — keeps your cells and muscles hydrated. This is necessary when you’re trying to boost stamina.Everyone
Bananas, cantaloupe, yogurt, quinoa, spinach, tomatoes, white potatoes, broccoli, and carrots
CapsaicinThis chemical is found in a lot of spicy foods. It’s a great way to build up endurance.EveryoneHot peppers, ginger, and sweet peppers
Complex CarbsEating carbs is a terrific way to give you an instant boost of energy. Plus, they keep you invigorated longer than simple carbs.EveryonePeas, dried beans, corn, barley (and other whole grains), yams and sweet potatoes, whole wheat pasta and bread, and oatmeal
B vitaminsIncreasing your intake of vitamins B-1 to B-5, and B-12 helps regulate your hormone levels. This gives your libido a sexy push in the right direction.EveryoneFish, lean meat, poultry, eggs, avocados, peanut butter, fortified enriched grains, eggs, leafy green vegetables, and daily vitamin supplements
ProteinProtein is the perfect source of long-lasting energy.EveryoneEggs, tofu, lean meats, poultry, cheese, milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, and fish
MagnesiumThis essential nutrient is necessary for healthy brain function. When your levels are low, your sex stamina will take a nosedive.EveryoneQuinoa, whole wheat breads and pasta, almonds, cashews, peanuts, black beans, spinach, and edamame
L-citrullineThis naturally occurring amino acid is great for boosting stamina. It can even help you stay harder for longer.MenDark chocolate, salmon, red meat, legumes, nuts, onions, garlic, and watermelon
NitratesNitrates help your muscles use oxygen which can pump up your pump skills.MenCelery, eggplant, arugula, swiss chard, beets, and carrots
Folic acidFolic acid speeds up cellular growth and can combat fatigue.WomenCitrus fruits, broccoli, spinach, dried beans, nuts, peas, lentils, and avocado
IronThis isn’t just great for a pick-me-up when you’re surfing the crimson wave. Iron also helps you maintain a healthy metabolism and keeps your energy levels in check.WomenLentils, kale, spinach, fortified cereals, poultry, red meat, and fish
CalciumYou probably know calcium is good for your bones, but did you know it also helps your cells to function properly? That’s super important for a healthy libido.WomenCheese, yogurt, salmon, sardines, and skim milk

Foods like oysters aren’t the only aphrodisiac on the market. There are a ton of herbs and other natural supplements that can help kickstart your sex life.

Give these herbs a try to boost your sex stamina:

HerbWhat it’s forWho it’s forWhat to take
Gingko bilobaAphrodisiacMen and women (but studies show it may work better in men)Capsules, tablets, liquid extracts, and tea
MacaSexual dysfunctionWomen (especially those who are dealing with pre-menopause and menopause)Powder, liquid extracts, and pills
Tribulus terrestrisIncreases libidoWomenPowder, liquid extracts, and pills
SaffronIncreases libidoWomenPills and powder
FenugreekIncreases libidoWomen and potentially menCapsules, liquid extracts, powder, and seeds

A phenomenal way to increase your sexual stamina is to boost your overall strength with another kind of workout. A stronger bod can help you last longer and open the door to new positions (get flexible!). Cardio is a given, but weight lifting is also essential.

Here are the muscle groups you should focus on and how to get them in sex shape:

ExerciseWhat it worksHow it helps
CrunchesAbsWhile a six-pack definitely isn’t required, a strong core can help you feel more balanced.
Bench pressBiceps and tricepsMissionary is basically doing a plank, but with thrusting. Strong arms will help you last longer without taking a break.
Push-upsPecsStronger pecs = a stronger body overall.
SquatsGlutes Not only will squats give you a firmer butt, a strong ass will amplify your performance in bed and will give you more balance.
KegelsPelvic floorIf you have a vagina, doing kegels can help strengthen your flower’s power, leading to better orgasms.
LungesQuads and HamstringsYou forget how important leg strength is until you’re on top.
StretchingYour whole bodyWhether you’re about to go for a gentle stroll, or if you’re prepping for a sex marathon, it’s important to stretch it out before and after exercise.

Good sex isn’t just about your private parts. Don’t take your tongue for granted. Not only is it vital for talking and eating, it’s the star of oral sex. So treat your tongue to a good workout. Try these exercises out:

  • Tongue push-ups: Push the tip of your tongue into the roof of your mouth. Repeat this 15 times several times a day.
  • Pull-backs: Stick your tongue out as far as you can for 3 seconds and then bring it to the back of your mouth. Repeat this 10 times.

Changing your diet and hitting the gym aren’t the only ways to enhance your sexual stamina. Here are some great ways to have a blast and last longer during your next romp.

  • Foreplay. Stoke the flames before throwing the big log into the fire. Foreplay isn’t just a great time, it’s also the perfect way to get the engines revving.
  • Just breath. Controlling your breath pumps more oxygen-rich blood to your muscles. Breathing can lower your heart rate, leading to a longer sex session and stronger orgasms.
  • Slay that lube. Simply put, sex feels better with lube. Plus, certain lubes have a desensitizing agent. This can help you last longer.
  • Live in the moment. Don’t only focus on the climax. Take a moment to savor all of the sensations you’re feeling leading up to the big bang.
  • Take turns. If you switch off giving and receiving, you’ll extend your fun. The good times will keep rolling until one of you finally gives in and explodes.

It happens. Premature climaxing is super common and nothing to be ashamed of. But, if you want to avoid any “oops” moments, there are some things you can try.

  • Squeeze at the base before you come. This may make you lose some of your erection, extending the time it takes to climax.
  • Use numbing cream. If you put some on the tip, it will lessen sensations, staving off your orgasm until you want to come.
  • Mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it don’t matter. If you think about something distracting, you’re less likely to come too quickly. Just avoid thinking of something that kills your hard-on for good.

Certain medications can affect your ability to reach the Big O. On the other hand, there are medications you can take to help your sexcapades.

If you have a penis:

SSRIs like Paxil, Zoloft, and Prozac may delay orgasms. They may also cause a decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, drowsiness, and dizziness.

Thankfully, there are other medications that can enhance your sexual stamina. In addition to the infamous Viagra, popular options include tadalafil (Cialis), avanafil (Stendra), and vardenafil (Levitra). All of these work by improving the blood supply in the shlong.

If you have a vagina:

If you have a vagina, Vyleesi and Addyi may help boost your sexual performance. It’s a common treatment for sexual dysfunction in women. Even though Addyi was originally formulated as an antidepressant, it’s been approved by the FDA to treat premenopausal women with low libidos.

Certain behaviors can negatively impact your boinking skills. Nip these habits in the bud to last longer and have a more enriching erotic experience.

  • Smoking is bad, m’kay. Cigarettes are bad for your overall health. (duh), but they can also really hurt your sex life. Smoking restricts blood vessels, making it harder to come. It can also cause impotence. Yikes. So if you can’t quit for your heart and lungs, do it for your penis or vagina.
  • Stress is a mess. Having a load on your mind is not the kind of load you want when it comes to coming. If you’re preoccupied with something that’s irritating you or making you anxious, you’re not going to be giving your best performance. Instead, use sex as a healthy and beneficial stress reliever.
  • Hold off on the weed (maybe). Marijuana affects everyone differently. But, some studies suggest men may have difficulty climaxing or even experience erectile dysfunction when they’re stoned. Avoid tokin’ up until after you climax if you notice it’s hurting your performance.
  • Take it easy on the booze. Alcohol may get you horny, but drinking too much before sex can numb sensations and make staying hard a challenge.

Certain disorders — like Peyronie’s disease and erectile dysfunction — may need medical treatment. Just keep in mind, your doctor has heard it all and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Don’t hesitate to give your doc a call if you’re having a hard time staying hard, or if your sex drive has taken a hit.

If you’re already satisfied with your sex stamina, then that’s awesome. But if you can make it even better, why not try? If you aren’t stoked on your lasting ability at the moment, don’t stress. Just remember, sex is supposed to be enjoyable and fun.