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Why is penile masturbation totally cool while hooha lovin’ is taboo? Seriously, there’s an entire film franchise built around humping apple pie. Well, it’s time to break that stigma.

Here’s the 411 on vaginal masturbation and some amazing tips to take your game of sexy solitaire to a whole new level.

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Illustration: Maya Chastain

Here’s a fun list to explain the different types of vag masturbation and the sensations you’ll feel. Keep in mind, everyone’s different. Something that turns you on to the max may be a no-go for someone else.

  • Vajayjay. Vaginal stimulation will give you a badass internal orgasm that radiates throughout your pelvis. You can stimulate your G-spot by using your fingers or sex toys.
  • Clitoral. These orgasms are electric. You’ll feel a delightful shockwave of pleasure running from your punani up your back.
  • Anal. You can have a super deep and powerful orgasm through anal penetration. Just remember to take it slow as your sphincter gets used to it.
  • Erogenous zones. For wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am good time, combine different erogenous zones (e.g. nipples, inner thighs, ears, neck, etc). When you stimulate several pleasure points at once, you’re in for a full-body pleasure-palooza.
  • Combo. You don’t have to focus on one orgasm zone at a time. You can use multiple toys at once, or use both hands to rub your clit while fingering yourself. Climaxing through your clit and G-spot at the same time is a 10/10 experience.

There’s more than one way to get your rocks off. It’s really about what feels best for you, which can take some experimenting. Here are some magnificent ways to enhance your next solo love sesh.

Lube it up

Ain’t no shame in the lube game. It’ll get you extra wet, which makes for better orgasms. There are countless types of lubes, including some that add an extra tingling sensation. Oh la la!


Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Well, sometimes fantasy can be better than reality. As you get your engine running, let your mind wander. Is it the cutie you’ve been talking to lately? Or maybe it isn’t anyone in particular. No matter what floats your boat, visualizing sexy scenarios can be a major turn on.

Take it slow

A quickie can be great, but there’s something special about foreplay. Fool around with masturbation styles and different erogenous zones. Let the sensations build up more and more until you explode.

Explore your bod

Don’t just focus on the clit. Flick, pinch, stoke, tickle, and rub your other erogenous zones to get yourself going. By the time you’re ready to finish, your whole body will be pulsing with pleasure.

Add to your toy box

The showerhead is the unsung hero of pussy play. But still, there are lots of other resources to help get you off. Buy a few different sex toys and switch them up depending on your mood.

In addition to dildos and vibrators, you can make due with what you have around you. Try rubbing your body against a pillow. The friction feels fantastic.

Porn it up

Like the musical “Avenue Q” so wonderfully pointed out, “the internet is for porn.” Some porn is one-size-fits-all, but a lot of stuff is definitely geared toward straight dudes, in particular. Thankfully, there’s a plethora of porn genres gaining popularity, and it’s only a few clicks away.


If online porn isn’t your thing, try an old school nudie mag or an erotic novel. That way you can leave more to your own imagination, which is super hot.

Here are some masturbation styles for you to try out, and the best areas to play with.

Clit appreciation day

Think of the clit as your oyster’s pearl. This little organ wears a tiny hood and sits on the top of your vulva. Your clit boasts over 8,000 nerve endings, making it one of the most sensitive parts of the female form. Here’s how to show your clit a good time.

Flick the bean:

  • Run your fingers along the outer parts of your vagina’s lips, tracing along the edges while slowly moving inward.
  • Take your pointer and middle finger and start gently stroking your clitoral hood in a circular motion.
  • As your natural lube fires up, start rubbing deeper and faster in a rhythmic fashion.
  • If you really want to go over the edge, right before you’re about to come, start rubbing your clit very gently. Let it build up again and again. Right before you climax, start rubbing hard and fast. This will give you a more intense orgasm.

If you’re using a vibrator:

  • Start at a low setting. Increase intensity a little bit at a time.
  • You can rub the vibrator over your clit in a circular motion, or lightly slap your clit with it.
  • Right before you’re about to come, turn the setting up to the max. It’ll leave you shaking.

Finding the G-spot

The G-spot is an area inside your vagina that can lead to earthquake-level orgasms. Even if you don’t climax, it still feels great. Be warned, if you hit the right spot you may ejaculate (aka squirt).

How to:

  • The wetter, the better. If you want to really go for the slip n’ slide approach, use some lube to enhance your natural wetness.
  • Insert your fingers and point them facing up. Do a “come here” motion to trigger your G-spot.
  • Alternate your pointer and middle finger and increase the speed as you go.
  • Keep going until you feel a deep pressure building up. This can take time, so be patient and don’t stress out if you don’t climax every time.

FYI: It may feel like you have to pee right before you come. This is normal!

Butt play is the bomb

Your rectum and vagina are neighbors and share a wall of tissue. That means you can hit your G-spot through anal play. Fingers feel nice, but a toy is even better.

You’ll have better control and will experience less wrist and hand cramping. Plus, a toy will allow you to go deeper, hitting the G-spot better.

Butt-gasms 101:

  • Your caboose doesn’t self lubricate like your vagina. So first things first, you gotta lube up.
  • Gently insert a finger or sex toy into your anus. Give your sphincter a chance to relax.
  • You can go in-and-out or do whatever else feels good. Switch it up until you find a pleasurable rhythm.

Combo pack

You know what’s better than an orgasm? Multiple orgasms. A glorious way to get off more than once is to combine your pleasure points.

A lot of folks see stars when they play with their clit and G-spot at the same time, but there are other combinations as well.

You can try double penetration (inserting your fingers or a toy into your vag and butt at the same time). Or, go for a trifecta. That means stimulating your clit, vag, and anus simultaneously.

Good to know:

  • Varying levels of intensity can lead to an absolutely glorious series of back-to-back orgasms. Try going hard on your clit and gentle on your G-spot, or vice versa.
  • You don’t have to stick to your undercarriage. Try flicking your nipples or use a feather over your inner thighs to enhance full body sensations.

Figure out your erogenous zones

The nipples, ears, neck, inner thighs, and lips are popular options. But every body is different.

Take a moment to explore your body and see what gets you going the most. That way you can incorporate your erotic areas as foreplay when you go to town on yourself. Maybe you get turned on when you rub your feet or caress your stomach. You won’t know till you try it.

Damn, you look good

Give yourself a show and masturbate in front of a mirror. Watching yourself take ownership over your pleasure and body can be hella empowering. It’s also a great time to fantasize sexy scenarios.

Try a new position

Stretching out on your back is great — especially for clit play — but try switching it up a bit. Doggy style is awesome for anal action. Just get on all fours with your derriere in the air.

You can wrap one arm behind you (a toy helps with leverage) and use your other hand to play with your clit or G-spot.

Put your record on

A playlist of songs you like to get off to is a great idea. Plus, music can prevent your housemates from hearing your vibrator buzzing.

Use your senses

Do you remember that scene from “40 Year Old Virgin” where Steve Carrel’s character turns his family photos away before he has a wank?

Well, you don’t have to go that far (unless you want to). But setting the mood can really add to your experience. Turn out the lights. Light a nice candle. Rub lotion all over your body. Be the best you.

If you want to switch up your finger game, there are toy choices galore. Finding the right sex toy can literally be life changing, so the investment is definitely worth it.

Here’s the rundown on which toys might be best for you.

  • Wands. No, not the Harry Potter kind. But if you want to scream “EXPECTO PATRONUM” when you come, go for it. Vibrator wands consist of a handle with a vibrating ball at the end. Some plug in to an electrical outlet and others are chargeable or battery operated. They’re fantastic for clitoral stimulation. You can also use a wand on your nipples or run it all over your body.
  • Standard stick vibrator. These are long and slender vibrators that come in all different colors. They’re super versatile and can be used on your clit, in your vagina, or booty.
  • Dildo. When it comes to dildo choices, a limit does not exist. They come in all phallic related shapes, colors, sizes, and textures. Balls or no balls. Veins or no veins. Some have suction cups at the end so you can mount it on a surface and take it for a solo ride. Use it in your vagina or your rear. You can even make a replica of your favorite real-life penis with a DIY dildo kit.
  • Rabbit vibrator. These bunny buddies were made famous in an episode of Sex and the City where Charlotte buys one and can’t break herself away from it. And you can’t blame her, because these things are spectacular. One part of it goes inside of you while another part vibrates on your clit. This triggers your internal and external pleasure points. Some of them even have a rotation setting!
  • Butt plug. Butt plugs are cool because they come in all different sizes. They’re inserted into your butt (well, duh) and are designed to stay in place. That means you can have a killer anal experience without doing any work once it’s in. That leaves your hands free to do other fun things. If you want to get kinky, you can get one that has a tail or a gemstone.
  • Anal beads. It’s jewelry for your butthole! It’s a long strand of beads that can gradually increase in size. Once inserted, they should stay put until you remove them. Thankfully, retrieval is very simple. Pull them out slowly to prevent an accidental mess of the poo variety.
  • Kegel Balls. Medical grade kegel balls are highly recommended under the guidance of a medical provider, particularly because the pelvic floor is not meant to be contracted for long periods of time. Also, some kegel balls are made of porous and toxic materials. Overall, there’s little to no evidence to support that kegel balls help to improve the pelvic floor muscle’s strength and boost sexual stimulation.

    Warning: DO NOT insert a kegel ball into your butt. Getting it out can be extremely difficult. If you are going to insert a Kegel ball make sure it has a string so you can pull it out easily, that both hands and Kegel balls are clean before insertion.
  • Nipple clamps. A lot of peeps have sensitive nipples. But having someone licking and pulling on them usually feels way better than when you do it to yourself. Thankfully, you can buy nipple clamps that can feel even better than a real person.

If you’re ready to graduate to some more intense stuff, here are some outside-the-box sex toys for your box:

  • Pussy pump. Think of it like a vacuum for your lady parts. It plumps up your vag which can make for some pretty awesome orgasms.
  • The Womanizer. This is a clitoral stimulator that sucks and vibrates simultaneously. You can even get one that has temperature settings.
  • Sybian. Saddle up! This nifty invention allows you to straddle a mounted vibrating dildo. You can give it a ride or let the sybian do all the work for you. Yee-haw!
  • Mechanic Dildo Machine. Consider this a sex robot. Basically, it’s a mechanically operated contraption that you attach to the dildo of your choice. You can change the speed and intensity with a remote control. Sex machines are often considered even better than actual sex because they don’t finish before you do.

Masturbation is awesome. It boosts your self-confidence and teaches you more about what you want out of sex and your body in general.

You don’t have to deal with the negative aspects of hooking up with other people, like STDs and ghosting. On top of that, it’s a damn good time. Now that you have the knowledge, get wet and get going.