Vibration plates are exercise equipment that stimulates muscle contractions during workouts. This may help increase fitness results, but more evidence is needed to prove all the perks.

Vibration plates are like mini surfboards that give you a good shimmy while you’re exercising. Though you won’t find a mountain of extensive research behind them, you may be impressed by their possible benefits.

We asked a weightlifting coach to explain and show us how to add good vibrations to our workout routine.

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These machines, which look like platforms or scales, are designed to activate something called whole-body vibration (WBV). WBV makes the body work harder by forcing it to contract muscles automatically.

Fans of WBV like to perform classic exercises on top of these machines, including:

1. Boosts blood flow

Research points to WBV’s ability to boost blood flow.

Weightlifting coach Jarrod Nobbe explains that vibration plates help move blood by stimulating muscle contractions through rapid vibrations.

“The rhythmic contraction and relaxation of muscles help pump blood more efficiently throughout the body,” he says.

As Nobbe adds, movement generally increases blood flow and core temperature, preparing the body for activity. This means vibration plates may be an excellent warm-up activity.

2. May boost strength

A 2021 study showed that WBV can be an alternative exercise for older adults, boosting the effects of strengthening exercise.

Nobbe says this is because WBV engages muscles in a way that mimics resistance training.

“The vibrations activate and force muscles to contract and relax multiple times per second, which can lead to gains in muscle strength and endurance over time, especially when combined with specific exercises,” he says.

3. May improve energy

Nobbe points to some anecdotal evidence suggesting that regular use of vibration plates may help boost energy levels, possibly thanks to increased blood circulation and enhanced muscle activation.

“Ultimately, I stand by the idea that movement is medicine,” Nobbe says. “Tons of research already proves that regular physical activity boosts mood, mental health, and promotes energy levels.”

4. May help recovery

Nobbe says WBV may reduce muscle soreness, stiffness, and inflammation by encouraging blood flow to the muscles. This, he explains, aids in faster recovery post-exercise or injury.

5. Helps bone mineral density

WBV has been shown to improve bone mineral density, which Nobbe points out may positively affect those at risk of osteoporosis.

“The mechanical vibrations stimulate bone cells, potentially leading to increased bone density and strength, delivering the same positive bone health benefits of resistance training,” he says.

“Unfortunately, vibration plates aren’t a one-stop shop for weight loss,” Nobbe says.

He explains that vibration plates alone are unlikely to significantly reduce belly fat without dietary changes and additional exercise.

“While vibration plates can contribute to overall calorie expenditure and muscle activation, targeted fat loss requires a comprehensive approach including diet, cardio exercise, and resistance training,” he says.

These tips will help you stand on your vibration plate with a slight bend at your knee or perform exercises on top of it.

  • Start slow: Nobbe suggests starting with shorter sessions (10–15 minutes) and gradually increasing duration and intensity. PSA, Don’t forget to warm up!
  • Good form: Always use proper form during exercises on the plate, which Nobbe says maximizes effectiveness and minimizes injury risk.
  • Keep healthy routines: Nobbe says to combine vibration plate workouts with a balanced exercise routine and healthy diet for the best results.
  • Maintain your plate: To stay safe and get the most out of your machine, Nobbe reminds us to clean and check it regularly, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

More research is needed around WBV — AKA what happens when you use a vibration plate — but existing smaller research is promising.

Use your machine carefully, and remember to maintain a healthy lifestyle and workout routine.