For pasta lovers, spiralizers were basically the best thing since sliced bread fettuccine. Now, it’s even easier to swap out noodles for a veggie-fied copycat, thanks to pre-cut zucchini noodles sold at pretty much every grocery store. We have to admit, though, zoodles can get a little boring after a while.

That’s where sweet potato noodles come in. It’s the same concept, but they’re a little thicker and (in our opinion) more flavorful than zoodles. Plus, they kind of look like curly fries when spiralized, which takes us back to our post-soccer practice days when we’d hit up the drive-thru. Long live the veggie noodle.

1. Sweet Potato Noodle Stir-Fry

There’s a strong chance this will be your most colorful meal all week. Orange sweet potato noodles, bright green broccoli, and red peppers… it’s got half the rainbow in one dish. You don’t need much else to complete the meal—just add onions, garlic, soy sauce, and salt and pepper.

2. Chicken Sausage and Kale Skillet

This meal will fill you up without the food coma that comes with most big pasta dishes. It’s got noodles, white beans, chicken sausage (so much easier than meatballs!), and fresh kale. Best of all, it’s super speedy to make, coming together in about 20 minutes (depending on your spiralizing skills).

3. Maple Bacon Egg Muffins

You definitely haven’t used sweet potato noodles like this before. Layering them up into a muffin tin is truly genius and makes for a great gluten-free muffin base. Especially with a smoky-sweet combo like hickory-smoked bacon, almond butter, eggs, and maple syrup.

4. Chipotle Sweet Potato Noodle Salad

This sweet potato noodle salad has big flavor. Think sweet corn, fresh greens, crunchy pepitas, and fragrant cilantro. It gets tossed in a zesty dressing made with fresh lemon and orange juice, chipotle peppers, garlic, and honey, which TBH sounds like the sauce of our dreams.

5. Coconut Curry Soup

Who says soups have to be boring? This one mixes the tasty flavor of a Thai tom kha soup with the feel of chicken noodle. Whip it up on a chilly day or when you’ve got a cold and need to clear out your sinuses with some fresh ginger.

6. Sesame Tofu Sweet Potato Noodles

Anything that can get us to forget our go-to take-out order is a major win. This noodle dish looks like pad Thai and has a similar nutty taste thanks to cashew butter, soy sauce, and ginger sauce. Top it with some sesame seeds and nuts for the full effect.

7. Chorizo Pepper Sweet Potato Noodles

Want to forget you’re not eating real pasta? Pack the skillet with red peppers, chorizo, spinach, onion, and thyme. There are so many flavors going on, the sweet potato noodles fade into the background, but you’ll still feel like you’re enjoying a big Italian meal.

8. Honey Mustard Sweet Potato Salad

This would make a great side dish for pretty much any protein. First things first: It includes bacon. Second, it uses a homemade honey mustard sauce to spice up Brussels sprouts, squash, sweet potato noodles, and cranberries. It’s a whole new kind of salty and sweet.

9. Sweet Potato Pasta Bake

Think of this as a much simpler, much healthier lasagna (yes, it’s possible). When you need something big but low-maintenance, fill a casserole dish with sweet potato noodles, ricotta, red sauce, turkey sausage, and spinach. Top with a little mozzarella and Parmesan and hand it off to the oven.