Most people slice pudding meat(liver pudding)and fry it. We have been using this as a sauce over pancakes for many years, family tradition.

  • Yield: sauce for 4 to 6 pancakes
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Total: 20 minutes 

Ingredients (2)

  • l. 1 block of pudding meat. also called liver pudding.
  • 2. two cups of water.


  1. Block of Pudding Meat.(also called liver pudding), (made from pig liver, head meat, etc.) (pudding meat is not scrapple or panhaus.) 2.One to two cups of Water.

Break block of Pudding Meat into small pieces, put in pan, add two cups of water, cook water off slowly till you have a gravy sauce. Put it over pancakes or biscuitts.