If you’ve never heard of jackfruit before, you’re not totally out of the loop (yet). This starchy member of the fig family is a staple in South and Southeast Asian cuisine, but has become more popular, and readily available in canned form, in the Western Hemisphere in recent years. And it’s time we all get well-acquainted.

Packed with potassium, fiber, and anti-inflammatory benefits, it’s not only a nutritional powerhouse, but when cooked and shredded, it has a freakishly similar texture and flavor to pulled pork—how great is that? While there are many ways to enjoy the versatile ingredient, start with these seven easy jackfruit recipes.

1. Jackfruit Sweet Potato Curry With Spinach

Canned, unripe jackfruit gives this curry a meaty texture while keeping it entirely plant based. Given its roots in the tropical climates of Southeast Asia, the fruit is also a natural fit with the coconut milk in this recipe.

2. Spicy Chipotle Garlic Jackfruit Tacos

If you’re sick of tofu or mushroom fillings but still need your vegetarian taco fix, use jackfruit instead. Shredded and then flavored up with all the usual spicy seasonings, it’s a great alternative to soy but still helps you stick to a meatless menu.

3. Vegan “No Tuna” Sandwich

Jackfruit is known for tasting like pulled pork once cooked, but combine it with mustard, mayo, and relish, and it could pass for tuna too. Stuff between two thick slices of bread for a simple five-minute sandwich.

4. Pulled Jackfruit Enchiladas Verdes

Spiced with cumin and chili powder, jackfruit, black beans, and corn make for a hearty filling in these vegan enchiladas. Drizzled with that addictive green sauce, they’ll make you completely forget that there’s no dairy or meat involved.

5. BBQ Pulled Jackfruit Bowls With Asian Peanut Slaw

It looks and tastes just like pulled pork, but the BBQ-soaked stuff here is actually shredded jackfruit. Pile it on top of white rice and pair with a nutty cabbage slaw for a bowl that’s perfectly balanced in taste, nutrition, and texture.

6. Jackfruit and Black Bean Wraps

Spicy black beans give the smoky and sweet jackfruit filling some extra protein in this easy twist on tacos. Even if you don’t have tortillas, the mixture tastes just as good in sandwich buns or even lettuce wraps.

7. Jackfruit Pilaf

Jackfruit’s a super-popular ingredient in Indian dishes, like this fragrant basmati pilaf, where it’s combined with ghee and spices such as garam masala and cardamom. While this blogger cooks it in a clay pot, it isn’t a requirement—the dish comes together just as well in a regular skillet.