Is there anything as spring-like as a bright green, tender stalk of asparagus? While you can find this verdant veggie in stores pretty much any time of year, it’s freshest at the height of springtime.

Sweet, juicy asparagus stalks are easy to cook and bursting with nutrients like vitamin K (yay for strong bones!) and antioxidants (keep fighting off diseases, y’all!).

We stalked the interwebz for the best asparagus recipes, and here’s what we found: a delightful array of everything from creamy soup to zesty pasta. Let’s dig in.

Is there any reason asparagus *shouldn’t* be the star of the show? We think not.

1. Sweet potato, chicken, and asparagus skillet

Photo: Primavera Kitchen

One-pan meals are our favorite because, well, they’re easy AF and perfect for busy weeknights. Dice up a sweet potato and some chicken, cut fresh asparagus into pieces, and let garlic, chicken broth, salt, and pepper do the work.

Get the recipe here.

2. Creamy mushroom and asparagus pasta

Photo: Minimalist Baker

Vegans, rejoice: This creamy veggie pasta is what you’ve been waiting for. Baby bellas and sliced asparagus dress up penne pasta and taste amaze mixed in with a cheesy vegan sauce. Add in extra red pepper flakes if you like your pasta on the spicy side.

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3. Lemon garlic baked asparagus and salmon

Photo: Cafe Delites

There’s something about asparagus that makes it so dang delicious when paired with lemon. This sheet-pan dinner takes full advantage of the pairing. It’s simple too: Coat the salmon, asparagus, and peas in a lemon juice and olive oil mixture. All that’s left to do is enjoy the flavor-packed meal.

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If you want, these appetizers can totally be the main event. But they’re also a fancy-shmancy way to sneak in veggies before a heavy meal.

4. Goat cheese asparagus quinoa salad

Photo: Joyful Healthy Eats

Roasted asparagus, creamy goat cheese, and crunchy chopped pecans pretty much guarantee this wintery quinoa salad will be a winner.

After you’ve cooked the quinoa and roasted the asparagus, add ’em to a bowl with olive oil, sea salt, cheese, red wine vinegar, and garlic powder. Stir it all up and dig in.

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5. Dairy-free creamy asparagus soup

Photo: Flavour & Savour

Dairy-free and creamy don’t usually go together, but with the help of blended cashews and chicken broth, this soup makes the magic happen. The only other ingredients you need are asparagus spears, salt, and pepper… plus maybe a grilled cheese for pairing.

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Sides, snacks, supper … who cares when or how you smash these noms? We just know they’re delicous.

6. Roasted asparagus with feta and pistachios

Photo: Two Peas & Their Pod

Roasted veggies are kind of the GOAT, especially since kitchen prep is so minimal. These savory spears are a zhuzhed up version of standard roasted asparagus. After the usual drizzle of olive oil, you’ll add feta, lemon juice and zest, and chopped pistachios. #Yum

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7. Parmesan herb asparagus fries

Photo: The Recipe Critic

Zucchini fries are delicious, but asparagus may take the cake here. After all, they’re already the perfect shape for fries — no chopping needed.

Coat the stalks in panko bread crumbs, flour, and eggs, plus some spices for extra flavor. Then bake for 10 to 12 minutes. And since fries are meant to be dipped, this recipe comes with a Greek yogurt-ranch sauce too. Our mouths are watering.

Get the recipe here.

Sure, asparagus makes your pee stink. But it’s also versatile, healthy, and bursting with flavor.

Don’t sleep on this veggie just because you’re not sure how to cook it. This collection of asparagus recipes has you covered for everything from a quick one-pan dinner to a fancy side dish worth serving at Friendsgiving.