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If you’re not super plugged in to pop culture, it can be fun to know someone who is. They’re often the ones keeping you updated on all the must-watch content while vehemently debating the latest cinematic universe-altering theories on Twitter. They’re also the ones who can be the hardest to shop for.

As we plunge into another holiday season, you may be wondering what to gift that someone who’s somewhere between quoting lines and doing full cosplay. You’re in luck: We’ve rounded up 10 fan-worthy (and affordable) gift ideas — from portable projectors to podcast merch — for the pop culture lover in your life.

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Edit by Alexis Lira

Of course, the perfect gift selection comes down to how well you know someone and the types of things they enjoy. But for this list, we made our picks based on the three Qs:

  • Quality. Affordable doesn’t have to = cheap. We went for some pop culture grabs that are well-thought-out and well-made and should hopefully last through at least a few marathon sessions.
  • Quirkiness. Just like our beloved pop culture fans themselves, the gifts we chose have a certain quirkiness that’s distinctive, lovable, and full of personality.
  • No Qualms. Word of mouth is a big part of fandom, so we looked for some nice gift choices that came with a good rep and a seal of approval from other pop culture lovers.

Pricing guide

  • $ = under $20
  • $$ = $20–$50
  • $$$ = over $50
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Step onto the convention floor!

  • Price: $$$

Calling all movie buffs! This two-piece gift set comes with the Eat What You Watch cookbook and a chic popcorn bowl. Each page of the book includes one recipe from a popular film — like a New York-style pastrami from “When Harry Met Sally” and pasta and meatballs from “Goodfellas.”

You can pop the popcorn directly in the bowl and have it ready for the screening.

  • Price: $$

For the streaming-happy friend who may love their dog more than you, these plush Netflix-inspired doggie toys are the perfect gift. This set includes four squeaky toys in the shapes of a “Petflix” logo, popcorn, a TV remote, and a glass of wine.

As a bonus, the inks used on the toys are water-based and nontoxic!

  • Price: $

Hide your diamonds, hide your exes. Although “Schitt’s Creek” is officially off the air, the fandom still goes strong.

Gift your friend this classic Rosebud Motel mug so they can sip their drink of choice as they rewatch the show for the fifth time.

  • Price: $$$

Movie nights and watch parties just got a lot more fun. This portable projector can go from your backyard to your living room in no time. Simply place it in front of a blank wall or a white sheet and turn any room into a theater.

  • Price: $$

This isn’t your typical card game. There are multiple ways to play, but one way is to name more films featuring a certain actor than your opponent(s). For example, actors with longer filmographies, like Samuel L. Jackson, will result in longer rounds, while actors with short film credits, like David Bowie, will result in shorter rounds.

The cinephile in your life should enjoy the array of difficulty choices, from easy to intermediate to expert-level film nerd.

  • Price: $

We know what you’re thinking: “What pop culture fan isn’t already streaming?” The beauty of it is that not all fans are created equal. And you never know whether the one you’re thinking of may be dying to subscribe to a service but just hasn’t been able to afford the combo of their choice yet.

From Netflix and Hulu to HBO Max and Criterion, there are plenty of quality options out there. Poke around to see which one(s) your friend might really love, and then gift them a few months or even a full-year sub. At the very least, maybe they’ll stop asking you for your account login info.

  • Price: $–$$$

If you have a podcast fanatic in your life, gift them some merch from one of their favorite shows. For instance, on Crooked Media’s website, you can choose products from a slew of the podcasts they produce, such as “Pod Save America” and “Keep It!”

Shirts, AirPod cases, water bottles, and coffee mugs are just a few of the offerings you can choose from.

  • Price: $

No pop culture haul is complete without a book about pop culture. In this new essay collection, writer and culture critic Zeba Blay offers a tender and critical look at the ways that Black women — from Lizzo and Mel B to Zendaya and Josephine Baker — have fueled the continual transformation of pop culture.

This is great for those fans who love the deeper, pop culture-infused conversations over drinks.

  • Price: $

For the friend or relative who draws inspiration from films, or maybe even wants to get into filmmaking themselves, this book is the perfect choice. In it, 30 movie directors (like Edgar Wright, Danny Boyle, and John Waters) discuss the films that changed their lives.

Come for the star power, stay for the film class.

  • Price: $

For those who love a good celebrity memoir, Mariah Carey’s book will not disappoint. Gift your friend this in-depth account of one of the most central figures in pop culture who continues to impact it today.

The pop culture superfan in your life will surely appreciate any gift that comes from your heart. But any of the picks above should at least earn you temporary-fan status for their favorite media and show them that you know what they love to read, watch, or listen to.

Happy shopping!