With so many online glasses retailers out there, it can be tough to see a clear winner through the blur of websites. Here are our picks for the best places to buy glasses online to help you find your new favorite pair.

Say goodbye to the days of awkwardly searching the limited frame selection at your local optical retail chain. You no longer need to browse for frames with your eyes dilated or frantically pick a pair so you can GTFO of there — because online glasses shopping is a thing.

But just because it’s convenient doesn’t mean it’ll always be a stellar experience. So, how do you know which virtual marketplace is the best fit for finding your new frames?

To help save you some screen time, we compared a bunch of online shops and discovered what users loved most about them. So, if you’ve decided to go digital for your next pair of specs, here’s our list of the best online glasses stores.

Best places to buy glasses online

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Best places to buy glasses online

Best overall online glasses store

Liingo Eyewear

If you’re nervous about buying glasses online, Liingo is the way to go. The brand does a lot to make buying glasses online an easy, risk-free process. Even better, prices are super reasonable and you have plenty of stylish options to choose from. We love to see it.

The company offers both virtual and at-home try on, allowing you to choose up to five frames to try from the comfort of your own home. If you don’t know your frame size, you can take a photo through the site and Liingo will recommend one. 

Shipping is always free and there’s a 60-day window to return your glasses — which is on the longer end for online glasses retailers. And, if you have to get your frames adjusted at physical shop, the company will reimburse you $25.

Most ways to try before you buy

Warby Parker

  • Base price range: $95–$195
  • Products available: eyeglasses, sunglasses, contacts
  • Resources and tools: PD measurement, frame fit guide, lens guide
  • Try on: virtual, try up to 5 on at home (select frames only)
  • Accepts insurance: yes
  • Return policy: free returns within 30 days

Warby Parker is one of the founding brands of the online glasses industry. The company was the first to offer at-home try on, allowing shoppers to try five frames at home (with free shipping!) before buying. You can also try on glasses using the virtual try on function — though you’ll need to download the app to use it.

Want to spice up your eyewear shopping experience? You can also visit one of the many physical Warby Parker locations across the U.S. and Canada to try on glasses or get an eye exam.

Warby Parker offers a wide selection of stylish eyewear for middle-of-the-road prices. The brand is also known for its solid customer service and return policy — making the entire glasses-buying process a breeze.

Check out our full review of Warby Parker here.

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Best budget glasses online


  • Base price range: $6–$347 
  • Products available: eyeglasses, sunglasses
  • Resources and tools: PD measurement, frame fit guide, lens guide
  • Try on: virtual
  • Accepts insurance: yes
  • Return policy: free return within 14 days

EyeBuyDirect offers a lot of frames and a lot of lens upgrades at a lot of price points. Add in technology that lets you try on glasses in real time, weekly discounts, and the option for 2-day delivery and you got yourself a winner.

Prices start at a low AF $6, making this our budget pick. Prices can get up there with different add-ons — which is typical of any glasses retailer — so keep your eye on the prize if you’re trying to stick to a budget.

EyeBuyDirect also has a library of educational resources to help you get the right fit and choose the best lenses for your needs. Need a new prescription? No problem. The site has a search function to help you find an eye doctor near you.

Check out our full review of EyeBuyDirect here.

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Best online glasses store for names brands


  • Base price range: $28–$620 
  • Products available: eyeglasses, sunglasses, contacts
  • Resources and tools: PD measurement, frame fit guide, lens guide
  • Try on: virtual, select glasses with 14-day home try-on
  • Accepts insurance: yes
  • Return policy: free returns within 14 days

If you’re looking for designer eyewear, GlassesUSA is the it online shop. The company is a certified reseller for a ton of name brands, including Ray-Ban, Gucci, Versace, Michael Kors, Muse, Prada, and more. Frames come in a variety of colors, and lenses can be upgraded with different protective coatings.

You can try select glasses on at home (with your prescription!) for 14 days. Every other pair you can try on virtually to help you find the right look.

You can upload and save your prescription information to make ordering easier in the future. And the blog has infographics to help you find all the measurements you need to buy glasses that will fit.

Check out our full review of GlassesUSA here.

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Best online glasses for using insurance


  • Base price range: $84–$565
  • Products available: eyeglasses, sunglasses, contacts
  • Resources and tools: Frame fit guide, lens guide
  • Try on: virtual 
  • Accepts insurance: yes
  • Return policy: free returns within 60 days

If you’ve got vision insurance through VSP, MetLife, or Cigna, Eyeconic has you covered. With most online eyewear companies, you have to submit for reimbursement after you purchase your glasses, but Eyeconic links to your carrier so you can use your benefits at checkout. The company also accepts FSA/HSA.

The glasses run at a higher price point than other online eyewear brands, but they also come with some perks. Eyeconic is partnered with a large physician network, which means you can easily find an eye doc for an eye exam and free frame adjustments. 

Best online glasses store for one-of-a-kind frames


  • Base range: $79–$199 
  • Products available: eyeglasses, sunglasses
  • Resources and tools: PD measurement,frame fit guide, lens guide
  • Try on: virtual
  • Accepts insurance: no
  • Return policy: free returns within 60 days

For fashion forward glasses, look no further than Bonlook. In addition to trendy in-house styles, the brand has exclusive collections with people like journalist Liz Plank and NHL hockey player Taylor Hall

Bonlook offers a lot in the way of education on lens types and how to find your perfect frame. The company’s refreshingly upfront about their pricing, sharing the costs for various add ons without making you go through the entire buying process.

And with a 60-day return window, you can feel hella confident experimenting with your lewk.

Honorable mentions

Zenni Optical

  • Base price range: $6.95–$59.95 
  • Products available: eyeglasses, sunglasses
  • Resources and tools: PD measurement, frame fit guide, lens guide
  • Try on: virtual 
  • Accepts insurance: no
  • Return policy: 30-day return policy (shipping charges nonrefundable, store credit or 50% refund) 

Zenni is one of the OG online glasses companies. The brand offers a large assortment of (realllly cheap) eyeglasses and sunglasses, including frames from designers Cynthia Rowley, Timo Weiland, and Coco and Breezy.

The brand offers a ton of video tutorials to help you pick your frames and understand your lens options. And the virtual try-on feature includes your PD so your digital fit looks legit.

The biggest downside to buying from Zenni Optical is the company’s return policy. You get 30 days to return glasses, but you have to choose from store credit or a 50% refund to your original payment method (ugh).

This isn’t a huge deal if you have a fave designer or type of frame and feel confident in your original purchase, but it’s always ideal to have confidence that you’ll get your $$$ back if you don’t love your glasses.


  • Base price range: $215–$270 
  • Products available: eyeglasses, sunglasses
  • Resources and tools: limited frame and lens guidance in FAQ
  • Try on: virtual, try up to 4 pairs at home
  • Accepts insurance: yes
  • Return policy: no returns

Roka was developed by athletes for athletes. The company offers a selection of eyeglasses and sunglasses built to stay put while you get your sweat on.

What makes these glasses different? They’re designed to be durable and lightweight, and they have special nose pads and bendable temples to help them stay in place no matter how you’re moving your body.

While we love most things about Roka, any prescription pair of glasses you buy is final sale — the company doesn’t take returns. Some customers also complain that they were surprised to learn their prescription was outside the limits Roka can fulfill, so always check with customer service before you purchase.

Comparing the best glasses online

NameBase price range as of October 2023Accepts insurance?Try on optionsReturn policy
Liingo Eyewear$79–$129yesvirtual and up to 5 try ons at homefree within 60 days
Warby Parker$95–$195yesvirtual and up to 5 try ons at home (select frames only)free returns within 30 days
EyeBuyDirect$6–$347yesvirtualfree return within 14 days
GlassesUSA$28–$620yesvirtual and 14-day home try on for select glassesfree returns within 14 days
Eyeconic$84–$565yesvirtualfree returns within 60 days
Bonlook$79–$199novirtualfree returns within 60 days
Zenni Optical$6.95–$59.95novirtual30-day return policy (shipping charges nonrefundable, store credit or 50% refund)
Roka$215–$270yesvirtual and up to 4 try ons at homeno returns

Our criteria for choosing the best places to buy glasses online

Buying glasses online is actually a lot more complicated than picking your favorite frames and hitting “add to cart.” Of course you want them to look good — but you also need to be able to see, amirite?

So, we spoke to a couple of eye doctors and researched a bunch of well-known options to make sure we didn’t overlook any important points when making our picks.

Here’s the criteria we used to pick the top places to buy glasses online:

Solid resources

A good online glasses retailer should have a range of resources designed to help you get the most out of your glasses. At the minimum, it should provide tips for finding the right size frames and a guide for picking lenses.

Some retailers will also provide tools for measuring your pupillary distance (PD) — aka the distance between your pupils — at home. This measurement should already be on your prescription, but some sites will provide tools for measuring yourself if it’s not.

See ’em for yourself

Even if you’ve got your eyewear style dialed in, Bosung Kim, OD, an optometrist at Della Optique, says you should still try on glasses before buying them.

“If you’re buying glasses online, always make use of any virtual fitting tools to get the best impression possible of how the glasses will actually work for your face shape and skin tone,” he explains.

All of our picks have either virtual or at-home try on available so you won’t be in the dark about fit and style.

Post-purchase policies

Even with virtual try-on capabilities and knowing all your measurements, you still might not be totally satisfied with your glasses when they arrive. So, before you commit, Dr. Kim says to check the post-purchase support the company offers in case adjustments, exchanges, or a return is needed.

What to know before you shop

Shopping online for glasses is obvi pretty convenient, but there’s still a few things to do before you’ll be able to order your new specs.

Check your benefits

If you have vision insurance, check your benefits to see what your plan covers. With most online eyewear companies, you’ll have to submit for reimbursement (most plans only offer partial reimbursement) after buying rather than applying your benefits at the time of purchase. But hey, savings are savings.

Know your numbers

Buying glasses online that will fit and work properly involves a lot of numbers. First, make sure you have an updated and valid (ahem, not expired) prescription for eyeglasses — not contacts.

You’ll also need to know your pupillary distance (PD). “In order to have the best vision with prescription glasses, the center of the lens needs to be centered with your pupil,” explains Benjamin Bert, MD, an ophthalmologist at MemorialCare Orange Coast Medical Center. “If the lens is off by even a fraction of an inch, there can be large changes in the quality of the vision.”

Your prescription should include your PD. If it doesn’t, you’ll need to measure it on your own or have a friend measure it. Many sites give directions on how to do this.

Lastly, you’ll need your frame measurements. According to Linda Hwang, OD, an optometrist at the UCLA Stein Eye Institute, these are the measurements that will make or break how your glasses fit and perform (in addition to your PD):

  • Lens measurement. The width and height of the lenses.
  • Bridge width. The width across the nose.
  • Temple length. The length of the arms that go behind the ears.

If you already own a pair of glasses, you can find those measurements on the inside of one of the arms. If you’re just getting your first pair, take a look at the site’s frame measurement guides to get tips for measuring your face to find the right size. Also take advantage of home try-ons to help you lock down that perfect fit.

Understand your style

Most online shops come with a lot of options. Having all those styles at your fingertips can be both exciting and overwhelming. The more you know what you’re looking for, the less time you’ll spend browsing through frames that aren’t right for you. Many sites offer style guides or quizzes to help you narrow down your look before you start shopping.

Pros and cons of buying glasses online

Like most online shopping, buying glasses online is easy and convenient. It can also be more affordable because online brands cut out the middlemen and overhead associated with brick-and-mortar locations. Plus, you can try on as many pairs as you want without anyone waiting for you to find your perfect match (or with your eyes freshly dilated after an exam 🙃).

But the digital spectacle world isn’t right for everyone. In a physical optical shop, frames can be molded to specifically fit your face. When you buy online, you’ll choose a frame size that includes a range of measurements.

Why does that matter? Because the fit of the frame effects how the lens aligns with your eye. If the lens of your glasses isn’t perfectly aligned, your vision won’t be fully corrected.

This is true for all prescriptions, but it’s particularly important for bifocal and progressive lenses. If you need progressive lenses, you may want to stick with an optical shop you can easily return to for fine-tuning.

The importance of routine eye care

Even if you fall in love with buying your glasses online, it’s still important to routinely see an eye doctor to get updated prescriptions and keep tabs on your overall eye health.

Keeping your prescription current ensures your glasses are properly correcting your vision. Regular appointments are also important for screening for eye diseases like glaucoma.

Don’t have an eye doctor? Check out these tips from National Eye Institute for finding one.

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Frequently asked questions about buying glasses online

Where is the cheapest place to buy prescription glasses online?

While it is possible to find a cheap pair of glasses online, you may be settling for limited frame availability without any options to customize. Most glasses on our list start around $60 to $70, but if you’re just looking for the best budget-friendly price, we have found glasses for under $10 at EyeBuyDirect and Zenni Optical.

Is it a good idea to buy glasses online?

Buying glasses online can be very quick and convenient, especially if you already have your prescription and don’t feel like stopping by a physical store. Today, online stores offer a lot of services, like a free return policy if you don’t like how the glasses look in person or virtually trying on a pair of glasses using your phone’s camera.

However, if you don’t have a prescription or aren’t sure what kind of eyeglasses will be best for you, it’s always worth considering meeting in person with an optometrist or optician to help you find the best fit and look.

The bottom line

Buying glasses online can open your optical world to more options than most physical shops can offer. And with cool technology and policies that let you try on glasses before you purchase, it’s clear to see why it’s such a popular way to shop. 👓

But buying glasses isn’t as easy as picking stylish frames — correcting your vision is an intricate science of numbers and measurements.

Our picks are a great starting point for finding well-made prescription eyewear online, but make sure you’re doing the work to provide the right details and measurements so you’re not stuck with blurry vision.