Wanna feel safe, cool, and comfy under the light of the sun’s ever-intensifying rays? Same. But first, you’re gonna need to select a style. Here’s a detailed overview of the 10 most popular sunglass styles.

Here’s a quick list of 10 snazzy sunglass styles:

  1. Square
  2. Rectangular
  3. Round
  4. Oval
  5. Aviators
  6. Cat-eye
  7. Oversized
  8. Clubmaster
  9. Hexagon
  10. Wrap

Call it the paradox of our time, but many square sunglasses say: I’m not a square — especially when they’re neon or bedazzled.

Since they’re often done big and bold right now, consider these babies your statement glasses. When in doubt, just Google Rihanna’s fuchsia Gucci crystal-framed ones, which will live in our heads rent-free probably forever.

That said, there are plenty of subtler square frames to pick from.

Now we have your Lizzie McGuire (light-pink tinted), Kendall Jenner, and Hailey Bieber.

Sure, when done incorrectly, they can look like glasses that should only be worn either

  • A: While watching a 3D movie
  • B: During a total solar eclipse

But when done right, you’ll look classic and cool. And like you’re trying to avoid paparazzi at any moment.

Pro tip: If less is never more for you, consider flatscreen ones. You’re welcome.

Here we have your John Lennon, your Jimi Hendrix, your Morpheus. So, if you want to look like a Woodstock icon or a Matrix legend, go for it.

You will also find these en masse at Coachella. Just because it’s not Woodstock doesn’t mean you can’t channel some peace-loving vibes with round sunnies!

Let’s be real. If you want sunglasses that flatter your face, consider oval ones. Whether your face is oval, square, heart, or you have no clue — some version of oval will look pretty good.

Luckily, you don’t have to pilot a plane to wear aviators. Like biker jackets or army boots, looking badass isn’t only for people who do dangerous things (guilty).

Once you start wearing aviators, you’ll look like you’re down for an adventure. So be prepared to be invited on some dirt biking or sky diving trip in no time.

Marilyn, Audrey, Bey, Gigi — what more inspo do you need?

If you’re in the mood to avoid outdoor adventures, go for a cat-eye. Naturally, you could still hike in cat-eye sunglasses — but they say you’d rather be at the pool. And what’s wrong with that?

These are idyllic for the days you want to say: Don’t talk to me.

As a bonus, they’ll prob lend you the maximum possible sun exposure: A 2019 study of various sunnies found that large sun Gs offer the most sun protection, particularly on winter days when the sun reflects off the snow.

Pro tip: Wear them snowshoeing, building snowmen, or simply strolling around with your dog on a harsh winter’s day. Or, when you want to go incognito — with a hat.

To add some vintage flair to your fit, try some club masters. Popularized in the ’50s, a pair of club masters can still have you feeling like James Dean. Enough said.

The hexagon is a bit of a wildcard shape. They’re unexpected. Jackie O wore gigantic ones. Kendall and Hailey wear tiny ones. Whatever size you wear, you’ll surely make a statement.

Wrap sunglasses are no longer just for dads and surfers — in case you haven’t noticed, they’re having a total influencer moment rn.

Whether you love the lewk or hate it, one thing’s for sure — they’re less likely to fall off your face when dancing, biking, or hiking.

So, how do you pick the perf sunnies for you? Here are some tips!

Comfort and lifestyle

You do you, obvs, but if you’re a biker, hiker, or cycler, you might want to wrap around that stay in place. But if you’re more of a speed walk from your parking spot kind of person, oversized should be just fine.

Face shape and fit

Who needs flattering sun Gs when you have futuristic or flatscreen ones? But if you *must* look nice, the best way to pick a flattering style is to try them on in person in a mirror. Works. Every. Time.

It’s easy to forget in the era of online shopping. Also, think about balance: To balance out a square or heart-shaped face, consider round or oval ones. To add some angles to a rounder face, view rectangular, square, or hexagonal ones.

Polarized vs. nonpolarized

Polarized glasses might be for you if you don’t want to squint blindly at the water on a boat or the beach. These filter out light and reduce glare on reflective surfaces.

Transition or clip-on lenses

If you wear glasses to see better, you might want to consider transition or clip-on lenses. They might cost more but can make your life a lot easier.

If your sunglasses offer UV protection and fit your face, your choice is probably golden. Swing by your local store to try some styles on. Or, use an online try-on feature to see how they look before you buy.