Learn nine easy ways to keep your glasses from sliding down your nose.

Are you tired of your glasses going on a nose-dive at the worst moments? We feel your pain! Whether you’re racing through a marathon workday, hitting the gym hard, or just sweating it out in the summer heat, those sliding specs can be a real buzzkill. But don’t worry! We have some nifty tricks up our sleeves to help you keep those glasses glued where they belong.

In this guide, we’ll dish out the secrets to stop your glasses from making their great escape so you can see clearly and strut your stuff hassle-free!

Why won’t those specs stay put? Here are a few reasons your glasses keep slip-slidin’ away:

  • Oily skin. If your skin has a habit of getting shiny, your glasses will seize the opportunity to take a downward plunge.
  • Got a screw loose? Tiny screws hold together the hinges in your frames. Over time, these screws may loosen or even decide to escape altogether, ruining your glasses’ snug fit.
  • Doomed temples. The snuggly “arms” of your glasses are called temples. Ideally, they should curve snugly over your ears. If the temples aren’t bent enough, your glasses might slip.
  • Wonky temples. When you open your glasses and lay them flat, the temples should sit evenly on the surface. If one temple is slightly raised off the surface, your glasses are officially wonky and might slide down your schnoz.
  • Chunky frames. Frames that are too wide or heavy for your face can cause major slippage. Make sure to measure your mug accurately before buying new glasses.
  • Wandering nose pads. Nose pads on most metal frames sit on either side of your nose to anchor your frames in place. But your specs won’t stay in place if they’ve gone askew.
  • No pads, no cry. Some frames don’t have standalone pads. Instead, they’re built into the frames themselves. If this sounds familiar to you, your acetate glasses might be too wide on your nose.

1. The hairband hack

For the quickest fix, grab two hairbands and wrap them around the temples of your glasses until they’re super snug. Make sure to position them near the back so they rest behind your ears. These little eyeglass door stops will keep your glasses from slipping down your nose until you can suss out a more permanent fix.

Bonus tip: Folks with longer hair can use those locks to camouflage the hairbands on your glasses.

2. Bend those temples

This one’s tricky. Use a hair dryer to apply heat to one of the temples of your glasses. You could also make the temple malleable by soaking it in hot water for about 30 seconds. Then, position the frames right side up with the lenses pointed toward you. Hold the temple with one hand as you gently bend it down and in with the other hand. Check to see if the temples are even by laying the glasses on a flat surface.

If you’re not confident with trying this at home, you can take your glasses to a brick-and-mortar eyeglasses retailer or an optometrist’s office to adjust them by a pro.

3. Tighten the screws

If you suspect a loose screw is the problem, grab a small screwdriver and see if you can MacGyver the sitch. (Make sure not to MacGruber anything.) Eyeglass repair kits usually come with a tiny screwdriver to handle this kind of repair.

And hey, if you don’t have a small screwdriver, don’t worry! You can buy a cheap glasses repair kit online or at your local pharmacy. Or, go to the place where you bought your glasses and have them do it for you.

4. Push the nose pads together

If those wonky nose pads are to blame, hold the frame securely and gently bend them inward toward each other. It’s important not to hold your glasses by the hinges or the lenses.

5. Opt for silicone nose pads

Specialty silicone nose pads are available for acetate or plastic frames. Before sticking them on, make sure to clean off any excess dirt or oil on the frames.

FYI: Adhesive silicone nose pads can be added to an acetate or plastic frame but may change the fit. People who have stand-alone nose pads can switch from a polycarbonate nose pad to a silicone nose pad.

6. Use an eyeglass band

Racquetball and basketball players might be onto something. If you need an even more secure fit for an active lifestyle, check out any eyeglass bands to secure your frames.

7. Wax on

If all else fails, you might want to stick a bit of wax on the nose pads. This is more of a temporary quick fix, but it might be a helpful stopgap until you figure out a more permanent solution to stop the slippage. Just be sure to pick the right wax, as some may cause dermatitis.

8. Clean your frames

Use warm water and a mild non-abrasive soap to wash your frames on the reg. Once they dry off, give them a once over with a cotton swab dipped in diluted alcohol. Key detail: Avoid getting any of that alcohol on the lenses.

9. Clean your skin

While we’re on cleanliness, make sure to keep natural skin oils from building up on your nose. The oil on your skin will definitely make its way to your frames.

There are a few reasons your glasses keep sliding down your nose. Oily skin, loose screws in the frames, poorly bent or uneven temple arms, and ill-fitting or heavy frames all might be the culprit.

To keep those specs perched right on your nose (and not on the tip of it), you can try a few different quick hacks, like wrapping hair bands tightly around the back of the temples or sticking a little wax on the nose pads. Try adjusting the temple arms with heat, tightening the frame screws, or pinching the nose pads for a more permanent fix. To help keep your glasses in place, often clean your frames and skin to prevent oil buildup.