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On the hunt for an affordable eyewear brand with a little bit of specs appeal? Well look no further. (We’ll stop.)

Blenders Eyewear is known for its lower-priced line of reflective eyeglasses, sunglasses, and snow goggles designed to prevent glare. So whether you’re hitting the slopes or just trying to live squint-free, Blenders allows you to protect your eyes with style.

Curious if these reasonably priced glasses are worth the hype? We’ll walk through what the brand has to offer to help you figure out if a new pair of Blenders is right for you.


  • less expensive than most luxury eyewear brands
  • one stop shop for eyeglasses, sunglasses, readers, and snow goggles
  • wide range of shapes, colors, and lens upgrades available
  • tons of raving customer reviews on the brand’s site
  • rewards system lets you redeem points for products or discounts
  • free shipping and returns


  • eyeglasses only available in single vision lenses
  • some popular styles might be too big for smaller faces
  • some reviews say Blenders’ products are flashy and not as sleek as competitor products
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Compared to many of its luxury competitors, Blenders Eyewear offers a better bargain for its range of eyewear.

Here’s what pricing to expect for each kind of spectacle:

  • Nonprescription sunglasses. These cost anywhere from $38 to $68. You’ll be able to find polarized and nonpolarized lenses in this price range.
  • Prescription sunglasses. These range from $89 to $109 with polarized and nonpolarized lenses, but prices can get up to $150 with special add-ons like colored lenses.
  • Prescription eyeglasses. These all cost $89, but add-ons can cost a pretty penny. If you choose to add on all the add-ons, prices can get up to $339.
  • Blue light readers and blockers. Whether you need some extra power or you just want to block blue light, these will cost ya $48.
  • Snow goggles. These range from $95 to $120. Swappable lenses cost $40 to $45.

Whether you’re looking to shield your eyes from the elements, need a little extra help reading the books under your nose, or have trouble seeing signs across the street, Blenders offers options to care for your peepers.


Most sunglasses have multiple colors to choose from that range from matte black to flashy neons. Every pair of shades also features lenses with 100 percent UV-ray protection to protect you from your haters the sun. 😎

But what if you literally can’t see your haters? No sweat. You can also purchase many of Blenders’ sunglasses with prescription lenses.

You’ll need to provide your prescription to purchase, though — so prepare to dig through your desk and/or the thousands of photos on your phone to find it (or just call your eye doc for a copy). For even less of a glare, try polarized lenses.

Blenders has thousands of glowing reviews for its shades. Some of the only complaints mention sizing and quality. If you have a smaller noggin, it’s worth doing a little extra research to find out which frames will best suit you. Blenders also has a fit guide that can help guide you.


If you’re looking for prescription glasses, you’ll choose your frame, lens color (because who doesn’t want pink lenses?), and whether you want to upgrade to high index (thinner lenses best for stronger prescriptions) or blue-light blocking lenses. Keep in mind that these upgrades can get a bit pricey.

Blenders only currently offers single prescription lenses — so peeps that need progressive or bifocal lenses will need to keep shopping.

You’ll need a valid prescription to order, so double-check that it’s not expired before getting too amped up about your new specs. If your prescription is expired, you’ll need to schedule an eye exam before ordering.


Blenders’ reading glasses, which also block blue light, come in fun, spunky colors with powers ranging from +0.5 to +2.0.

You don’t need a prescription for these, but people who need higher power lenses might not find these cheaters strong enough.

Blue light blockers

The blue light blockers have no prescription or power added, so these work for anyone without a prescription just looking to, well, block blue light.

Like their sunny counterparts, Blenders’ eyeglasses, readers, and blue light blockers tend to run a bit large. Customers seeking an oversized lewk, however, are big fans of these glasses.

Snow goggles

Blender does its customers a solid by bundling its classic neon snow goggles with a bonus lens. If you’re a frequent skier with a vast snow wardrobe, you can also purchase additional lenses to match any suit.

Several of the masks are made with a hypoallergenic face foam, as well as anti-scratch durability and a nonslip band, allowing every snowbird to stay focused on the slopes.

Many reviewers say they’re satisfied with the look, fit, and how easily the goggles travel.

Blenders Eyewear’s flagship store is located back where it all began: San Diego. You can also find their funky, bright specs at other retailers (including The Paper Store) using this store locator.

You can also shop online. It’s super simple to order via the website — you’ll just need to make sure you have a copy of a valid prescription (they usually expire after 1 to 2 years) if you’re looking to get prescription glasses or sunnies.

Blenders Eyewear offers free shipping in the U.S. on all orders over $50 and free returns. There’s also a lifetime warranty (which is actually 3 seasons) on snow goggles and helmets.

The company has a rewards programs, and its members frequently cash in points by following its social media, leaving reviews, posting photos, and purchasing products. You can either put your points toward entire products (like a select few pairs of sunglasses) or use them to get discounts on your purchase.

Blenders Eyewear is a trendy, affordable protective eyewear brand with a wide range of colors and designs to suit almost any style.

With easy online ordering, free shipping and returns, and a rewards system to earn freebies and discounts, trying a pair of Blenders might be worth looking into. 👀