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Sick of tossing and turning and waking up with neck pain? A buckwheat pillow may be just what you need to get a better night’s sleep.

These pillows are filled with buckwheat husks rather than your run-of-the-mill synthetic pillow fill, so they offer a bit more structure and support for your head and neck while also allowing more air to pass through the pillow — keeping you cooler and banishing the cursed sweaty pillow face.

These pillows originated in Japan, but have gotten really popular all over because they’re super cool (literally), ~au naturel~, and hella comfy.

So, the buck(wheat) starts here! Here are our favorite buckwheat pillows for some supported snoozing.

The best buckwheat pillows

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We looked at three main factors when assembling this list of the best buckwheat pillows your bucks can buy:

  • Size. Buckwheat pillows tend to be a little smaller than standard pillows, with just enough room for your head. We know that’s not everyone’s jam — so we looked for brands that offered multiple size options or standard sizing. And we threw in a highly rated travel pillow for good measure.
  • Fill and cover material. We also kept an eye out for pillows made from super high quality materials — after all, you’re gonna put your face on it for hours every night. Primo materials we were on the lookout for were organic buckwheat fill and organic cotton covers. Also, bonus points for adjustable fill levels!
  • Reviews. If any pillows had sketchy, fake-seeming reviews or less than 4 out of 5 stars, they just didn’t make the cut. Life’s too short for a bad pillow. No bull-sheet here.

Before you buy a buckwheat pillow, know that they can be a little noisy. When you toss and turn or adjust the pillow, you’ll hear the husks rubbing against one another. The bright side? We came across tons of reviewers claiming the tiny bit of noise was worth the neck pain relief.

Pricing guide

  • $ = less than $50
  • $$ = $50–$99
  • $$$ = $100 or more
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Best overall

Beans72 Organic Buckwheat Pillow

Price: $$

The buck stops here. This organic cotton pillow is filled with 8 to 10 pounds of organic buckwheat husks, making it ultra-firm and supportive without the give or wear down of memory foam. It’s available in several different sizes also, and features a zipper so you can add or remove buckwheat husks to adjust the fill level.

Top rated

PineTales Basic Organic Buckwheat Pillow

Price: $$

With 4.6 out of 5 stars and over 500 reviews on Amazon, this pillow is a super popular choice. Reviewers love the modest price tag, how comfy it is, and that you can remove hulls from the pillow if you want it to be less firm. Its shell is organic cotton twill, and it comes in the standard Japanese size, which is 14 inches (36 cm) by 20 inches (51 cm), as well as a smaller travel size.

Best budget pick

Sobakawa Pillow

Price: $

With three versions under $30, this is buckwheat on a budget, and the price point won’t keep you up at night. Each pillow has a muslin cotton fabric outer cover, but these don’t come with a zipper so you can’t adjust the fill level. Still, reviewers (over 3,000 of them) are mostly impressed with the pillow, and it comes in several sizes.

Best high end

Hullo Buckwheat Pillow

Price: $$$

Well, hullo there. If you ain’t messin’ around with your rest, and you want to buy a buckwheat pillow that you know is gonna get the job done, spring for the Hullo. The buckwheat hulls are bound in an organic cotton twill case, and this pillow is the size of a standard pillow so it’s ready for aaaalll your cute pillowcases.

The fill level is also adjustable — just add or remove buckwheat. Hullo also sells small and king size buckwheat pillows, and extra buckwheat if you like them on the firmer side.

Best with adjustable firmness

ComfyComfy Premium Buckwheat Pillow

Price: $$

As the name suggests, this pillow is COMFY. It has an organic cotton twill exterior filled with 4 pounds of buckwheat hulls. You also get an extra pound of hulls with your order (because why not?).

You can add these hulls if you need extra support, or remove some if you want your pillow to be lower and less firm. ComfyComfy offers several different sizes, and most pillows they offer come with an extra pound or 2 of buckwheat hulls. Sooo… is it bedtime yet?

Best for travel

Sachi Organics Buckwheat Cylinder Neck Pillow

Price: $

This compact neck roll pillow from Sachi Organics is perf for serious neck pain or if you’re on-the-go and don’t want to risk poor sleep while you’re traveling. It’s filled with organic, USA-grown buckwheat hulls and has a zipper so you can adjust the fill level. It’s wrapped in cotton canvas material to keep it cozy but supportive.

Time to replace your pillows? If neck pain is keeping you up at night, you may wanna go full Little Rascals and get a buckwheat pillow. These pillows are filled with buckwheat husks, which are a tiny bit noisier than standard pillow fill but offer extra neck support and can be more cooling.

If your current pillow is a (literal) pain the in neck, you may want to consider swapping some bucks for some buckwheat so you can snooze comfier. Sweet dreams!