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Hit the Stationary Bike for a Full Indoor Workout

Looking for an exciting, heart-pumping winter workout? Skip the treadmill and sign up for an indoor cycling — or “spinning” — class.

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Photo by Aleksandra Flora

If you’re ready for a fitness challenge, look no further than an indoor cycling class. During a typical spinning class the instructor will lead a group of cyclists through a sweaty routine that includes changing body position, resistance, and pedaling speed for a serious cardio workout. Spinning works the whole body but especially fires up the quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves, and core.

Do it Today: Get a killer leg workout today at the gym with an indoor cycling class.

It’s All About the Bike:

Learn important cycling lingo before heading to class.  

Lone Wolf:

Want to do spinning without the drill-sergeant instructor? Try these bike interval workouts on your own.

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