Keep everyone happy in the cardio section of the gym by keeping the phone on silent and conversations to a minimum. As tempting as it may be to multitask treadmill time with catching up with a friend, a long chat is annoying and distracting to other gym-goers.

Be a Gym Hero and Put the Phone Down

Illustration by Shannon Orcutt

Ever been on the receiving end of a sassy stare from a gym bunny on the elliptical or a hulking glare from a dude at the weight bench? You probably broke one of the gym’s unwritten rules. Like many communal spaces, gyms have their own subtle rules and regulations. A major no-no is yakking away on the phone in the cardio zone. To avoid disrupting other people’s workouts, stay off the cell during sweat time.

Do It Today: Be respectful of others’ time and put the phone — and yourself — on silent mode during a cardio session.

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