Give In to Cravings to Avoid Binges

Think not indulging that sweet tooth curbs your caloric intake? Not if it leads you to fill up on seconds and thirds. Studies show when we restrict, we’re bound to binge later!
Give In to Cravings to Avoid Binges


I shouldn’t. No, I really shouldn’t. Actually, you should! (In moderation, of course.) If you’re really feelin’ that chocolate cake, it’s not gonna to kill you to have one or two bites. In fact, taking a few nibbles of dessert can stave off overloading on seconds of dinner.

Takeaway: Let yourself eat cake (occasionally).

Do It Today: Instead of going for seconds on the buffet line, treat yourself to a little dessert and savor it.


Is it all in the brain?

Conquer The Buffet

Without the binge.

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