Bake a Healthier Cookie for the Holidays

The holiday season is famous for destroying diets, but every party doesn’t have to end in chocolaty regret. Bake up some macadamia-ginger cookies for a lighter sweet treat.
Bake a Healthier Cookie for the Holidays
Macadamia Ginger Cookies Photo by Perry Santanachote

You can only munch on so many chocolate-chip cookies and scoops of peppermint ice cream before the holiday indulgences start to add up. These zesty, meringue-style cookies are filled with ginger, heart-healthy macadamia nuts, and orange flavor.

Do it Today: This year, add a new, healthier tradition to your holiday treat table. Macadamia-ginger cookies are sweet, crunchy, and flavorful while still being light and airy.


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