22 Must-Have Accessories for Nighttime Runs

With the end of daylight savings rapidly approaching (Sunday, November 2nd), 'tis the season to be running in the dark. Depending where you live and travel this winter (and whether you're an early-morning runner or an evening exerciser), you might find yourself ready to run when the light is somewhere between a dusky blue and a midnight black—neither of which are ideal conditions for seeing or being seen. Not to worry. From shoes to apparel to accessories, we've rounded up the gear that will light your way and keep you safe when the sun won't.

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Leave the loud outerwear at home and make your presence known on dark roads with these lightweight, waterproof "spurs." They clip onto the heel of your sneakers and provide more than 100 hours of illumination. ($18.43; amazon.com)

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If the bright green version of this lightweight ("Zoom") iteration of Nike's popular Air Pegasus is a little too bright for your taste, you'll still stand out after dark in the black and grey models, which also feature a high-visibility finish. ($115; store.nike.com)

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Snap it into place, and the bright yellow, reflective buckle on this adjustable belt will make you impossible to miss in the early morning or evening hours. ($10; roadrunnersports.com)

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When early-morning or post-work runs get darker and colder, this moisture-wicking long-sleeved top will make you stand out, even the black option, thanks to its 360-degree reflective thread. ($50; asicsamerica.com)

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Attach this LED light to your laces—it locks in securely thanks to a durable stainless steel mechanism—and with a quick twist, your feet will be shining bright in the color of your choice: pink, blue, green, or red. You'll even get a little shine when the LED isn't switched on since the pattern on the ShoeLit's casing reflects light. ($4.49; niteize.com)

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This lightweight cap was not only designed to be worn comfortably with a headlamp, it also features reflective elements that will keep your dome visible in low light. (You know, in case headlamps aren't your thing.) ($30; amazon.com)

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Who says you can't indulge in 90's nostalgia while prioritizing safety for early-morning and late-night runs? These reflective slap bracelets are an easy-on, easy-off accessory for wrist or ankle—scrunchie sold separtely. ($10; rei.com)

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Though designed with triathletes in mind, these sneakers are great for any runner with neutral pronation (and a proclivity for very colorful footwear). These kicks are brighter than most, but it's actually their glow-in-the-dark print that provides extra visibility for low-light conditions. ($140; asicsamerica.com)

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No need to look like a Starburst while trying to remain visible. These black and grey tights are lined with reflective panels so you can look low-key while remaining safe and visible. ($60; sportsauthority.com)

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Now this is our kind of four-finger ring. Knuckle Lights provide a super-bright shine in three settings (low, high, and blinking) and illuminate your path with wide beams of light that move with the motion of your arms. ($40; shop.knucklelights.com)

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Depending where you live, cold and dark often go together this time of year. These reflective mittens will keep your hands toasty and visible. Plus, if conditions get really hectic—say it's dark and snowy—and you need extra visibility, just activate the small, detatchable LED light that comes with every pair. ($50; brooksruning.com)

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For mornings or evenings when it's not only dark, but also extra nippy with a biting wind, it's time to pull out the big, er, hoodies. This cozy top is made of stretch fabric and provides 360-degree reflectivity to keep you warm and safe. ($81; roadrunnersports.com)

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The Nathan LightBender is a comfy, lightweight armband fitted with an LED light that can be set to blink or glow steadily. It's waterproof, sweatproof, suitable for all kinds of weather, and runs on a watch battery. Bonus: Its name sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie. ($18.33; amazon.com)

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This one-size-fits-all beanie is lined with brushed fleece to keep your head warm and LEDs on the front and back provide visibility up for 2,400 feet. ($40; amazon.com)

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Stay safe and toasty at the same time. These soft gloves each have a row of red battery-powered LED lights that turn on and off with the press of a button on the cuff. ($21; amazon.com)

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This headlamp was designed specifically for runners, meaning once it's secured to your head, it won't bounce around. It will, however, provide a steady, bright beam that will light the ground as you run. A strobe light on the rear of the lamp keeps you visible to anyone behind you. ($70; rei.com)

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While better circulation and improved recovery are two obvious upsides of compression gear, these moisture-wicking, antimicrobial compression sleeves also feature reflective strips for added visibility. ($18-34; amazon.com)

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This all-weather vest can be slipped on over a T-shirt or jacket. Its powerful LEDs create enough illumination to make wearers visible to drivers, while also lighting the way on darkened roads. ($60; amazon.com)

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Slip this reflective band onto your wrist or ankle for a little extra visibility. And while you're at it, tuck your keys, credit card, cash, or other small personal items into the band's zipper compartment. ($12; spibelt.com)

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Bia isn't your typical GPS watch. This lightweight device was designed to have all of the features of gargantuan GPS watches without any of the complicated functionality. So, what makes it especially useful for running in the dark? If you get lost or wander into unfamiliar (or potentially dangerous) territory, press the watch's button for three seconds and a map of your exact location will be sent via text message to your preset contacts. Bia updates your location every minute until the alert is cancelled. Though this watch doesn't have a backlight, it's safety features make it a must-have for any late-night runner. ($280; store.bia-sport.com)

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Stand out to fellow late-night runners and drivers with this adjustable vest that fits over any shirt or jacket. Bonus: It will keep you visible without dragging you down, thanks to its lightweight design. ($30; brooksrunning.com)

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These neon gloves are touchscreen compatible and fit snugly to keep your paws warm. And if the bright palm's not enough, reflective elements add even more visibility. ($25; store.nike.com)

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